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Firstly its important to note that there are multiple uses of dermal fillers but they do carry their pros and cons. It is important to have treatments done by Cosmetic Doctors as their training in aesthetics and medicine, allows for all treatments and possible complications to be managed to the best level possible.


The Pros and Cons of Dermal Fillers


Those who don’t wish to undergo cosmetic surgery may consider having dermal filler injections. This type of non-surgical cosmetic treatment helps people to appear more youthful. A non-surgical facelift will plump your skin, smooth out wrinkles and stave off the ageing process. Dermal filler treatment is a proven cosmetic procedure that should be conducted by an experienced cosmetic surgeon/doctor. If you are thinking of undergoing cosmetic treatment and want the best Dermal Fillers Melbourne offers, you must find an expert in this field. So, let’s move on to talk about facial areas where wrinkle fillers can be used.


  1. Cosmetic Fillers to Enhance the Cheeks


Many people choose to undergo non-surgical cheek enhancement. In fact, this is a very popular type of cosmetic surgery. People with sunken cheeks or those in their early thirties often find filler injections make them look younger and far more attractive. No one should underestimate the benefits of dermal filler injections, however, maybe we should investigate the disadvantages of cheek fillers.


. An “overfilled face” is not attractive. It is difficult to correct an overfilled face, as many celebrities have found. Numerous famous people have had their cheeks overfilled only to find the press label them “pillow faces”

. Ideally the eyes should remain wide and fully open. Inject too much filler into the cheeks and the eyes look like slits. Inject too much dermal filler and you may develop “Piggy eyes”

. Inject excess collagen into the cheeks and the patient develops a deep ridge between the top of the cheek and the bottom of the eye

. Many patients need more than one syringe of filler to soften lines and to restore volume. Cosmetic injections can become expensive!

. An uneven distribution of dermal filler can give you a lop-sided appearance, however, this problem is easily rectified


  1. Use Fillers to Enhance your Lips


A minimal amount of filler injected into strategic places on the lips will create a youthful appearance. Inject filler into a thin top lip and you transform it into a plump and attractive lip. Lip augmentation is a great way to define and plump your lips. Fillers in the vermillion lip border are especially suitable for smokers. Just 1ml of lip filler injected into the dermal border erases fine lip lines. Now, we will mention a few of the disadvantages of lip contouring.


. Some patients believe that 2mls of filler will give them the perfect lips, when in fact it will overfill the lips

. The physician must be artistic to be able to fill the lips to make them look younger

. Overfill the upper lip and the facial profile is spoilt

. If an excess of dermal filler causes the upper lip to protrude you will develop “duck lips” or look like Marge Simpson

. The aging process can cause the outer parts of the lips to collapse. These areas can be supported with the use of dermal fillers

. An expert cosmetic surgeon will not overfill the middle of the top and bottom lips

. Fillers can thicken the lip borders and cause you to lose your crisp lip border


  1. Liquid Chin Augmentation


Your facial profile is all-important. A chin-implant can make a massive difference to your profile. The chin tends to lose its structural support as you age, but injectable fillers can rectify this problem. Injectable chin fillers will enhance your chin and rejuvenate your neck and mouth.


This procedure has no major cons.


  1. Eyebrow Shaping Using Dermal Filler


Inject 0.1 ml of filler into the outer brows for an instant browlift.


This cosmetic procedure has one drawback. The surrounding skin tends to bruise.


  1. Erasing Nasiolabial Lines using a Dermal Filler


In general, nasiolabial folds are caused by sunken cheeks. Many doctors prefer to fill the cheeks to plump the nasiolabial folds, however, I prefer to inject both areas. A little dermal filler injected into the skin folds creates a more youthful appearance.


This cosmetic procedure has no major drawbacks.


  1. Lift Marionettes and Oral Commissures with Dermal Fillers


The vertical skin folds running from the corner of the mouth (the oral commissure) to the jaw are known as “Marionettes”. If these skin lines are pronounced your downturned mouth will make you appear sad.


There are few disadvantages to this non-surgical procedure, however, a great deal of dermal filler is needed to fill the skin fold, hence this is an expensive procedure.


  1. Filling Hollow Temples


Volume loss in the temples is aging. Sunken temples can make you look like you have a “Peanut head”. Facial filler can rectify this problem.

This procedure has one disadvantage. The soft skin around the temple tends to bruise easily.


  1. Cosmetic Fillers Fill Party Hat Lines


The party hat lines are those that run the entire length of the side of your face. Inject dermal fillers into the depleted areas to plump the skin. Face fillers are ideal for filling in “smile lines”. Fill your “party lines” to appear younger.

This particular procedure has no major disadvantages.


  1. Fill the Pre Jowl Sulcus Area


Your jawline becomes less straight as you age. The pre-jowl sulcus can be rectified using a dermal filler. an experienced facial plastic surgeon will inject the area to smooth the jawline. Most patients are thrilled with their new straight jawline.


This procedure has no major disadvantages.



  1. Treat Tear Troughs and Eyes Using Dermal Filler


Inject a little dermal filler into the tear troughs to take away the “tired look”. Lower eyelid bags cause shadowing, but a non-surgical eyelift will make your face appear young and fresh.


This is a complex procedure. No impatient or inexperienced injector should attempt this. patients with eye swellings or loose skin must be treated by an experienced physician. If you long for the best Dermal Fillers Melbourne is the place to go.

  1. Consider a Non-Surgical Nose Job


Dermal fillers can disguise a hooked nose, lift tip, lift bridge, bent nose or a bump on the nose. The low risk, low-cost facial procedure incurs no downtime. This procedure is considered better than a non surgical rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty or liquid nose job. The injectable enzyme Hyaluronidase is usually used for this procedure.


Unfortunately, dermal fillers cannot make a large nose look smaller. However, a bigger nose can be made to look smaller if it is made shapely.


  1. Non-Surgical Jaw Augmentation


Many of the Top 15 Uses for Dermal Fillers are structural. An aging neck and jaw should be injected with filler to keep it looking young and taut.


This procedure has no major drawbacks.


  1. Treat Aging Hands with Dermal Fillers


Just 2mls of dermal filler injected into each hand will make the skin look younger and plumper. Laser and IPL are often used at the same time. Derma filler treatment is long lasting when it is injected into the hands.


This common non-surgical cosmetic procedure has no major disadvantages.


  1. Frown Line Treatment


Occasionally, frown lines will respond to muscle relaxing treatment. If this treatment is unsuccessful then dermal fillers will erase the frown lines.


You may need many injections to get rid of the frown lines. The only concern is that redness lasting for 24 hours will be evident after receiving dermal fillers but can be easily covered with minimal amounts of concealer.


We hope you have enjoyed reading the pros and cons of dermal fillers. If you are want the best Dermal Fillers Melbourne offers you should find an expert cosmetic doctor.