When people first find out they may have a problem with excessive sweating, they often have a lot of questions. While it can feel embarrassing for people to ask questions about this condition that can be quite a delicate subject for a lot of people, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions.

What Can Cause Excessive Sweating?

Many things can cause you to develop an excessive sweating problem, also referred to as hyperhidrosis. In some cases, your sweat glands can become overactive, but there are also a variety of secondary factors that can cause you to sweat excessively. If you have diabetes, experiencing hot flashes during menopause, have thyroid problems, cancer, nervous system disorders or an active infection. While this is far from a complete list there are many causes for excessive sweating, and if there’s no apparent or secondary reason for your excessive sweating such as an ongoing infection, you could likely benefit from treating excessive sweating directly.

What are the Signs of Excessive Sweating?

Excessive body odour is one of the first things people may start to notice when sweating excessively. You may find you are beginning even to stain your lighter coloured clothing with sweat stains. If you are finding yourself sweating soon after showering or bathing and the temperature is comfortable this is likely out of the norm as well. When you are idle and clean but find yourself still sweating in a pleasant climate to a level that makes you feel uncomfortable or is very noticeable, these are all signs you may be dealing with an excessive amount of sweating.

What are the Different Types of Excessive Sweating?

When a practitioner is looking at a patient suffering from excessive sweating, they will often break the problem, if there is one, down into two different types of hyperhidrosis. The first is called primary focal hyperhidrosis, this type of condition is outlined by not being caused by any other medical conditions or is it a side effect of any medications you are taking, or other secondary factors. This form of hyperhidrosis often starts to affect people as a child or as they grow into their teenage years. Focal hyperhidrosis usually results in bouts of excessive sweating at least once a week, generally not while sleeping, and is often thought to be inherited so if others in your family experience this problem you are more likely to deal with it as well. Secondary generalised hyperhidrosis is the second type of hyperhidrosis that differs by its cause, as the name suggests secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by a secondary factor such as a medical issue or medication side effects.

Can Alcohol Cause Excessive Sweating or Make it Worse?

Alcohol is such a commonly consumed substance, so it’s no wonder this is a common question many people have when wondering what may be causing them to sweat so much. To what is likely the disappointment of many, alcohol consumption can be a factor in causing you to sweat too much. Some common side effects of alcohol consumption are flushing, increased pulse, and sweating. The reason this is thought to cause you to sweat more is in relation to the effect alcohol has on the hypothalamus which is the part of your brain that helps regulate a lot of your physical processes such as body temperature. The other way alcohol can have an impact on how much you sweat is if you suffer from alcohol dependence or abuse alcohol as alcohol withdrawal can cause you to sweat a lot more. If you are finding yourself sweating until you have a drink, and you drink quite a lot, this is quite possibly the cause of your excessive sweating.

Where Can I Get Treated for Excessive Sweating?

Just about anywhere you live, you are likely to be able to find a suitable clinic to treat excessive sweating. In Melbourne, you can’t go past the impressive service offered by Skin Club. They provide a patient-focused approach to treatments that ensures you are offered the most useful advice and treatments for your specific circumstances and condition. Owned and operated by skilled cosmetic doctors experienced in treating excessive sweating in Melbourne. If you are concerned about the level of sweat your produce and it’s impacting your life, book an in-depth consultation today and see how Skin Club can help you feel more confident in social situations or your workplace.


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