Sometimes beards just can’t cut it, can they?

Any guy who’s been told he has a “baby face” or has ever been overweight knows: beards hold secrets. What secret, you ask? It’s called the missing jawline.

Of course, the ladies aren’t expecting your jawline to rival Brad Pitt’s, but it would definitely be nice to have something going on for you. If you’re ever resorted to growing a scratchy beard just to not look like you’re a 12-year-old, then you’re not alone.

A new research commissioned by the pharmaceutical company Allergan found that 25% of men were concerned about their jawline and their double chin.

A surprising 52% admitted that their chin was their biggest physical concern. Not abs, not pecs, not biceps — chins.

Melbourne-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dr Tass Tasiopoulos told the Herald Sun that men, as a result, tend to rely on scarfs and polo necks. They also try to avoid being photographed.

That should be a concern, as men are entitled to being confident in their own body.

This is the reason why more and more men have been getting their double chins removed: so they can look their best and be their best.

Why do I have a double chin in the first place?

Both being overweight and aging can cause a double chin.

As we grow older, our skin loses its collagen and elasticity, making it sag underneath our chins.

While getting a double chin is a natural occurrence, there should be no stopping you from wanting to get rid of it, either. Some people don’t mind seeing themselves with a double chin in the mirror, and some don’t.

Others find it difficult to actually live with a double chin. “Baby-faced” professionals, for instance, are mistaken as younger than they actually are and have a harder time proving themselves as respectable in their field.

Should you feel bad for wanting to change how you look? Well, part of liking who you are is letting yourself want to be a little different, too; getting cosmetic treatments is just the extra mile in giving yourself some well-deserved attention.

How do I get rid of my double chin?

It used to be that liposuction was the most recommended way of removing fat under your chin.

Unfortunately, liposuction causes bruising that can last up to weeks — a deal-breaker for people who are constantly seen, like celebrities going on-screen, doctors who face patients, and businessmen with client meetings.

Thanks to medical advancements, however, we now have the Belkyra treatment (known as Kybella in the United States), a safe, easy and fast procedure that removes your double chin for good.

During the Belkyra treatment, patients are injected by a high-grade medical product that will dissolve the fat under your chin. The whole process will likely take less than 10 minutes, although patients typically come back for another session for best results.

Will removing my double chin empty my wallet?

One Belkyra treatment typically costs under $1,500. Two treatments for $3,000 isn’t as expensive as a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro or a brand new car.

There shouldn’t be any shame in splurging for yourself from time to time — and giving yourself confidence is definitely a worthy investment.

Belkyra is a safe and effective non-surgical operation at the hands of expert doctors. If you’re not yet sure where to get an ultra reliable medical opinion about your double chin problems, contact SKIN CLUB – Cosmetic Doctors today.

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