Say goodbye to cheek implants and welcome cheek fillers – a new rage among everyone who wants to give their face a bit of revitalising. Not only are they way safer and less intrusive than cheek implants, but they also provide better results.

But before you grab your phone and start searching for the closest clinic which provides cheek fillers, make sure to read this article for some tips and advice on the topic, as it is always better to know what you’re getting yourself into before you proceed with it.

So, what are cheek fillers?

The term “cheek fillers” is not a single magical substance that will give you an amazing new look, but instead, a wide assortment of products and chemicals which are used in order to better contour your cheeks, add volume to then, and in general, make them look younger and more firm.

Why should I get cheek fillers?

After a certain age, it is only natural for our faces to lose volume and for our skin to become wrinkled and lose elasticity. Our cheeks get saggy, and each year we notice more and more wrinkles and lines around our faces. Here come cheek fillers – a good way to solve those problems if you are struggling.

But how are cheek fillers better than traditional treatments?

The advantage of cheek fillers over other methods of treating such problems is that the effects are instantaneous after the treatment, while other methods could take months or even years of application to finally have some effect.

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What are some of the substances cheek fillers use?

The most common substance used in cheek fillers is the same as in most dermal fillers – hyaluronic acid. HA is used by cosmetic surgeons all over the world, as it is safe and effective, and has proven to be one of the best materials to lift your face. There are, however, some alternatives if you would rather prefer a natural filler instead.

Natural fillers? What are those?

One of the most commonly used natural fillers on the market right now is collagen – usually taken from your own body before the treatment. It is almost impossible for your body to not take in your own collagen, making it one of the safest fillers. It does, however, work slightly different than synthetic fillers. While natural fillers can still acheive great results, they do so over time, changing your look gradually for a more natural look, and while it surely takes time, the effects can be even better than with hyaluronic acid. Moreover, collagen fibres spread out under your skin after the treatment, which gives a good base upon which further treatments may be applied.

How long do the effects last?

Quite long! The longevity of the effects of a cheek filler usually depends on the filler material used in the treatment. The most common one, hyaluronic acid, usually lasts about a year, but there are some which only last only five to nine months, so make sure you do your research right. If you want effects which are even more long-lasting, you can always opt-in for a collagen-based treatment. While the effects of a collagen-based treatment are not instantaneous like with hyaluronic acid, they last much, much longer, with some of them lasting as long as two years without having to redo the treatment.

Are there any dangers to cheek fillers?

While cheek fillers are among the safest procedures there are on the market, you should probably still be aware of some risks involved. You will most probably experience some bruising and swelling immediately after the treatment, which may last a couple of days or up to a week. Less common side effects happen when the filler does is not greeted well by our body, which may lead to itching, pain, and redness around the area. More severe side effects are extremely rare, and only happen if the treatment is done in an unsterile environment.

Cheek fillers can help you regain your self-confidence and that youthful glow of your face. Interested?

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