Cheeks are a vital part of the face, covering quite a bit of its area. They are often the very first thing other people notice in our faces, which makes it so much more important to keep them in a good shape. Moreover, high cheekbones are a commodity highly sought after by many – who would not want to have cheekbones like Keira Knightley or Cara Delevingne?

However, not everyone is so lucky to be born with perfect cheeks. Furthermore, our cheeks continue to sink and sag with age, bringing our faces down and making them look undesirable. Not only does the loss of volume avoid the cheeks themselves, but it creates a chain reaction which affects our eyes and the middle of our face.

Do not worry, though, as there is a solution to this – cheek fillers!

What are cheek fillers?

If you happen to suffer from aging and you can see that your cheeks have lost some volume, cheek fillers are the perfect solution! They restore the lost volume, lift sagged cheeks, make the cheekbones more visible, and more! They can also help lift your jawline and contour your entire face, giving cheek fillers a wide spectrum of benefits.

But what exactly are cheek fillers, you ask? Well, contrary to Botox, they do not destroy the nerves underneath our skin to make it relaxed, nor are they implants, which stay forever underneath our skin, pushing it up. Dermal fillers are composed of substances which strive to either fill up the lost collagen underneath the skin, or help our own bodies recreate it. You can find more about the specific fillers further in the article.

Product J – the precursor of cheek fillers

Being the first cheek filler officially approved by the FDA, Product J has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is created by the makers of Botox, and is made out of hyaluronic acid, contained within a thick gel which is then injected into the cheeks. The Product J product targeting cheeks is called Product J Voluma.

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Product J Voluma is exactly the thing you need if you need an immediate result. You can spot the effects of the treatment right after you leave the clinic! Moreover, it is one of the longest lasting fillers currently available, and its effects often stay visible for up to two years! Keep in mind that to see the final results, you will need to wait about a week for the bruising and swelling to subside. You will also not feel any pain during the treatment, as the discomfort is reduced to a bare minimum by a local anesthetic.

Sculptra – a different approach

If you would rather go with something more natural than a simple filler, Sculptra might provide just what you are after! Their latest product, Sculptra Aesthetic, utilizes Poly-L-lactic acid in order to recreate the lost collagen in our faces. The acid stimulates our collagen fibers to grow and expand, returning our faces to the stage they once were at. The process of re-growing collagen often provides even more visible effects than hyaluronic acid based fillers would!

However, there is a catch to Sculptra products. Since the substance does not fill-in our faces and instead stimulates the collagen to grow, the effects are not immediate. Do not worry, though – Sculptra induces gradual improvement, which not only looks more natural than an immediate change, but will also look more natural in the end! The effects of Sculptra also last quite a bit longer than most other cheek fillers, and some of these effects often remain permanent after two years.

So, which one is better?

That is a really hard question to answer! Every patient is different in their own, specific way, so establishing a clear winner of the race is quite impossible. For some, hyaluronic acid will work better, and for some the poly-L-lactic acid. For some, a combination of both might work even better! Always remember to consult with a professional to establish the best course of action for you before you book a treatment.

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