Have you ever dreamt of having that curvy bootylicious body?

Indeed, those curvier silhouettes are dominating social media scenes. This is why women around the globe are going gaga over buttocks enhancement procedures to acheive sexier aesthetics.

While not everyone can have a natural bootilicious body, the Brazilian butt lift technique can help you acheive this dream. However, Just like any other surgical procedure, this buttocks enhancement technique comes with four phases that also include a set of expectations and risks.

A Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is the transfer of fat from a part of the body with more than enough fat stores to the buttocks. Although this technique is mostly for cosmetic enhancement purposes, some patients undergo this procedure to help recondition their bodies. This procedure is also performed as a restorative method to repair and rebuild the loss of your buttocks’ volume and shape.

Buttocks Augmentation and Enhancement Procedure

The augmentation process for buttocks enhancement can be performed by fat transfer, the use of implants, or a combination of both. However, the goal is to stay as natural as possible, hence, precedence may be given to a Brazilian butt lift procedure over the use of implants. Your doctor will conduct a diagnosis and tests to know which type of incision pattern and augmentation technique is best for you.

The most suitable technique that will be utilized is based on the following:

  • Your current buttocks size and shape;
  • The buttocks size and shape you would like to acheive;
  • The part of the body from which fat will extracted;
  • The fat stores that your body part contains;
  • Your daily routine and activity level; and
  • The quality, quantity, and elasticity of your skin.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

The Brazilian butt lift surgery consists of four main stages or steps. This consists of grafting your own fat to acheive a notably natural-looking result.

Step 1: Administration of Anesthetics or Sedatives

The administration of anesthetics or sedatives depends on the amount of fat that will be transferred from your hips, thighs, or belly to your buttocks. A small amount of fat transfer may only require the application of local anesthesia. However, if the volume is quite substantial, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation may be administered. 

This will be discussed with you by your cosmetic doctor or surgeon. You may also ask for a dose of anti-nausea before the administration of anesthetics as this may contain allergens that may lead to vomiting and dizziness.

Step 2: Extraction of Fats or Liposuction

Your doctor will mark the appropriate areas of your body where incision for liposuction will take place. A small amount of diluted anesthesia will be administered to reduce the bleeding and trauma. Small inconspicuous incisions will be made where the cannula or the hallow thin tubes will be inserted.

A controlled and slow back and forth motion will be rendered to loosen the fat stores. As fats are released, they are suctioned with a syringe or surgical vacuum attached to the cannula.

The amount of fat that will be extracted can be three times more than the volume you desired to augment to your buttocks. This is because some of these fats are absorbed by your blood vessels during the recovery phase.

  • Fat stores purification

The extracted fats undergo a purification process while it is being prepared for reinjection into your buttocks.

Step 3: Fat Reinjection

After the purification process of the fats, it is now ready for reinjection. Your doctor will create three to five incisions around your buttocks where the fats will be reinjected. A set of syringes will be attached to the cannula. The transfer of fats will be made through the cannulas that are inserted into the incisions.

  • Suturing

The incisions for the liposuction and fat transfers are sutured to close up the wounds and prevent unwanted bleeding.

  • Compression Garments

The doctors will also suit you up with compression garments to improve the blood flow in the affected areas and help minimize the risks of bleeding.

Step 4: Recovery Phase

After the procedure, you will feel and see a huge difference on your buttocks, however, this may include the extra volume of the fats intended for blood absorption. About thirty to forty per cent of the reinjected fats will be absorbed by the blood vessels and only sixty to seventy per cent will develop into buttocks tissues.

While the actual shape and volume are gradually developing, you should be taking all precautionary measures during the recovery phase. This is to ensure that optimum results are acheived. The final results will still be visible at least six months to one year from the procedure.

The Feeling of Satisfaction

While the final results may take some time to shape up, you will feel that the long wait is very satisfying and it is worth it. The feeling of satisfaction grows as the procedure recovers and comes into realization over time.

Image satisfaction should continue to grow as your new and fuller buttocks recover and happen. However, be wary about weight fluctuations as they may affect the transferred fats in your buttocks.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift is one of the many ways of augmenting or enhancing the volume and shape of your buttocks. Unlike other forms of buttocks augmentation, however, the Brazilian butt lift is dubbed as the most “natural” way of having a butt enhancement procedure. This is simply because it uses your own fat to create the improvement you desired on your buttocks.

This procedure also helps address other issues such as flatness and sagging tissues of the butt. Although most of these issues are a result of aging, the wonders of a Brazilian butt lift can enhance its roundness while promoting a more natural-looking shape.

If you are having difficulty in buying clothes that fit you well because of figure imbalance, this buttocks enhancement technique can help fill the gap and create a more proportional body. After your Brazilian butt lift procedure, you will start feeling comfortable about the kinds and styles of clothes you want to wear. This can also help boost your self-esteem.

Another benefit of choosing a Brazilian butt lift is a lower risk of infection and tissue rejection since this procedure used your own natural body fats. The use of silicone and other butt fillers or implants may cause some adverse effects that lead to tissue rejection.

Your Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Except for the recovery phase, all stages of the Brazilian butt lift procedure will take place in a clinical setting. After a buttocks enhancement consultation, you will be scheduled for the procedure. On the day of the surgery, your last-minute questions and other concerns will be entertained during the pre-surgery consultation. This is to ensure that all your questions and doubts are addressed and that you are ready for the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

The surgery proper starts with marking the incision sites for both the liposuction and fat reinjection stages. Before the reinjection procedure, your fat extracts undergo a purification process to reduce any risks of infection or tissue rejection.

The duration of the procedure varies in each person. Some may take longer while others may only take a while. This depends on the amount of fat that is being extracted and transferred. Another determining factor is the volume and shape that you desire to have.

Most Brazilian butt lifts provide long-term results. However, there are some factors that may take a toll on your buttocks enhancement procedure which may include the inevitable process of aging, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy. It is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the adverse effects of the transplanted fats in your buttocks.

Maintaining the beauty of your buttocks should not stop after the recovery stage. It is important to visit your trusted cosmetic doctors for regular check-ups and buttocks reevaluation. When you feel any uneasiness or notice any changes in your buttocks, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

Enjoy a youthful contour with a Brazilian butt lift procedure!


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