Brazilian butt lift is a clinically proven safe and effective procedure that targets buttocks problems including loss of volume and sagging skin. This cosmetic treatment is one of the most popular treatments that many celebrities and social media personalities indulge in. Thus, a lot of women around the world are going gaga over this procedure to get a bootylicious body like Jennifer Lopez.

The Lasting Effects of a Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the many advantages of the Brazilian butt lift is its lasting and lifetime effect. Since this procedure uses your natural fats as the grafting material, it works well with your body tissues. The results of a Brazilian butt lift surgery are usually final as it reaches its sixth month of recovery from the date of the procedure.

Our Highett Brazilian butt lift procedures are a very rewarding procedure although it takes a while to fully recover. Seeing how your buttocks have fully evolved will be very satisfying. You will also feel a sense of fulfilment now that you can wear anything in your wardrobe and will fit perfectly with new buttocks.

What Should You Do During the Recovery Period?

After the surgery, your trusted cosmetic doctor will provide a DOs and DON’Ts guideline that you should follow attentively. These are personalized instructions to help you acheive the outcome that you desire. It is best to follow them meticulously and religiously.

Here is a list of aftercare regimens that can help your body cope with a Brazilian butt lift procedure:

  • Oral and topical medications: This can help manage your pain and discomfort, including the bruises and swelling of the treated areas after the procedure. It is highly recommended that you take these medications diligently and as scheduled.
  • Wear compression garments: After the procedure, your doctor will suit you up with compression garments and will recommend that you use this during recovery. These elastic pieces of clothing are designed to provide support to the treated part of the body while promoting optimum blood and oxygen circulation.
  • Avoid putting pressure on your buttocks: You will be advised by your doctor not to sit directly on the freshly operated buttocks. You should make adjustments to ensure that when you sit, there is an appropriate space that will keep off your weight on your buttocks.
  • Sleep either on your side or on your stomach: In as much as you cannot sit directly on your buttocks, you should not also sleep on your back. You may also be advised to use a special inflatable pillow to use during your recovery.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activities: Your doctor will recommend when you can start doing exercises again but will let you start with light activities at first. Then, you will be allowed to gradually increase the intensity of your activities depending on the healing process of your body.
  • Observe a healthy diet: Eating nutritious and healthy food always helps boost a speedy recovery. This can also help boost the survival of the transplanted cells in your body. Remember to strictly follow a diet that will not cause any fluctuation in your weight.
  • Hydrate yourself always: Drink plenty of water after your Brazilian butt lift procedure as this is necessary to detoxify your body from harmful toxins. When you drink plenty of water, your body will generate the needed blood supply to help the newly grafted fats to form and develop into body tissues.
  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages: Smoking and drinking alcohol-based beverages decline blood circulation which the newly augmented fat cells need to transform into body tissues. These habits can affect your recovery and the success of the procedure.

Recovering from a Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Just like any other cosmetic procedures, you will need to take special care of your buttocks after a Brazilian butt lift procedure. The first few days following the procedure is very critical. You may be advised to take some leave off of work, hence, it is best to look for a companion to help you get through heavy lifting and other activities around the house.

During the next two to three weeks following the treatment, you will notice that the swelling and bruisings are gradually decreasing. This means that the treatment sites are starting to heal and recover. As you reach the third month of your recovery stage, you will notice that the fat grafts are gradually integrating with your buttocks tissues. You will also notice that your desired size and shape is dramatically taking shape.

The Best Brazilian Butt Lift Provider for Highett Patients

Brazilian butt lift can work wonders for your buttocks and the fullness of your body figure. This cosmetic enhancement procedure helps boost not just the appearance of your buttocks but your confidence as well. Start saying goodbye to your flat, small and sagging butt cheeks.

SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors offer the best Brazilian butt lift near Highett. We aim to provide plumper buttocks with smoother and softer skin. All our treatments use the most advanced techniques that will help improve the shape and size of your buttocks. We use only the highest quality of sedatives, medical-grade cannulas, and the most advanced liposuction, fat purifier, and fat injection devices.

Our skin clinic servicing Highett residents offer a safe, comfortable and friendly environment to help patients feel at ease and anxious-free during the procedure. We will work with you from the time of your consultation until we acheive the shape and size of the buttocks that you have been dreaming of.

Let us help you revive the fullness and appeal of your buttocks with our Brazilian butt lift Highett… Visit SKIN CLUB Cosmetic Doctors today!


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