Australian residents who are considering non-surgical cosmetic treatment must be aware that fake fillers can ruin your facial appearance.A recent search on Google reveals there are one hundred and fifty Australian clinics offering dermal filler treatment. Yet, a percentage of the skin filler products offered, could in fact, be fake. In addition to this, a number of the cosmetic medical practitioners may be bogus. Dr. Pallavi Sharma, fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine is keen to warn people that an imitation injectable has the potential to cause blindness or facial disfigurement. If you are considering Dermal Fillers Melbourne is filled with reputable physicians, so ensure you do some prior research.

Dr. Sharma pointed out many valid reasons for using genuine facial fillers. Authentic dermal fillers contain collagen, biosynthetic polymer and hyaluronic acid. The injectable is used to restore facial volume loss, to contour skin deformities and to define or enhance facial features. So, what may occur if counterfeit facial fillers are used?

  • If particles of fake filler enter brain blood vessels they could induce a stroke
  • Imitation fillers could cause a severe allergic reaction. Numerous counterfeit cosmetic fillers contain substances such as glue, industrial silicone and peanut oil
  • Sub-standard injectable fillers, or skin fillers that have overheated during transportation may be unfit for purpose. The use of substandard wrinkle fillers may result in scarring, pus formation or fever

Many leading cosmetic surgeons feel that dermal fillers and injectable facial fillers should be registered under the Australian Drug Control Authority. Physicians are also concerned that counterfeit dermal fillers are widely advertised on leading social media sites, such as Instagram and Facebook. If you want the best Dermal Fillers Melbourne can provide, you should contact a trained dermatologist, a highly qualified plastic surgeon or an experienced aesthetic doctor.

Marketing executives warn against purchasing dermal fillers online. Authentic pre-packaged syringes are sterile, but cosmetics fillers bought online could be contaminated. Toxic fillers may cause facial disfigurement, skin scarring or long-term ill-health.

Modern marketing strategies and peer pressure mean more people strive to appear youthful, hence many are keen to try dermal fillers. Some say the Internet encourages people to judge others on appearance rather than ability.

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more affordable, so online sales of counterfeit facial fillers may slow. Yet, lack of medical regulation and fierce competition between skin clinics means dishonest physicians remain in practice. If you are considering Dermal Fillers, Melbourne, Australia is home to many qualified cosmetic surgeons.

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