There’s a lot of options for common cosmetic complaints these days that were unavailable in the past, or people simply aren’t always aware exist. Many people with double chins assume they will require surgery to deal with excess chin fat and tightening of the remaining skin. With advances in cosmetic treatments thanks to science and an increase in demand there are now more options than ever before to remove a double chin, and in turn, a lot fewer reasons to continue to put up with one. Which procedure is best will vary on your circumstances, budget, your particular facial dynamics and other factors, though there’s a growing interest in non-surgical alternatives for those that are well suited to the treatments, and in the case of a double chin removal, many people are.

Help Become a Better Candidate for Double Chin Removal

If you have a double chin or a chin that has more generally just accumulated too much excess fat, before seeking treatment it’s great to look at what you have done, and what you could do to help ensure you are the best candidate for treatment. Sometimes your heavy chin may be a result of excess body weight. If this is a problem for you and you aren’t already doing what you can to get adequate exercise this is something you should look at, you may find increasing your exercise levels will result in a reduction in body fat and in turn a slimmer face and chin. If you already have a great exercise routine, look to your diet and see if there are any ways you could be improving it or try to adjust any bad habits you may have in this regard can result in weight reduction as well. The better your general health is, and the more your weight is stable and under control, the better a candidate you will be for double chin removal.

Liposculpting Double Chin Removal

Commonly referred to as chin liposuction, this is a direct approach to removing the fat between the skin and muscle layers. A small metal tube is used to extract the fat using suction or with sometimes involving a laser. This procedure takes between 1-2 hours to perform typically, depending primarily on how much fat is to be removed and how widely distributed it is. After the procedure is complete, you will typically be required to wear bandages for at least 24 hours and a chin strap to maintain pressure on the area for at least a week after the procedure has been performed. While this is one of the leading choices for double chin removal, it can be a little invasive, and recovery can be a bit more intensive than double chin injections, but it does an effective job.

Double Chin Injections for Double Chin Removal

This is an injectable treatment, one that takes a different approach to deal with the excess fat than a liposuction procedure. Double chin injections contain a synthesized version of a molecule found in the digestive system of humans. Used to assist with the breakdown of cells storing fats in the intestines, when applied to the chin, a similar response occurs. Cells that are affected can no longer hold fat and are permanently unable to store fat once this has occurred. This treatment is quite non-invasive only requiring a series of small injections into the chin, these are quick to apply with the average treatment taking around 15-20 minutes. The downtime associated with this treatment is typically minimal; if any. There is likely to be some tenderness, and you may commonly also experience some redness, bruising, and swelling. If bruising occurs, this is quite easy to hide with makeup in most cases. Considering the lower time requirements of this treatment in both the process itself and the recovery phase, as well as being far less intensive in general, for many people the best procedure to remove a double chin is double chin injections. Speak to an experienced Cosmetic Doctor to help decide what the right approach for your circumstances and desired results are.

Double Chin Removal in Melbourne

If you are interested in double chin injections, Skin Club in Melbourne can assist you. They have experience providing a wide variety of evidence-based treatments and provide their patients with the expertise only skilled Cosmetic Doctors can provide. If you are tired of trying to hide a chin you are uncomfortable with the appearance of, book a consultation with Skin Club today and find out what can be acheived to get you feeling more confident.

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