If you are dealing with thinning hair or excessive hair loss, there are some things you can do to help assist with hair regeneration. Hair loss is such a common problem that can strike anyone at any time, sometimes slowly and sometimes exceptionally rapidly, and it can be extremely distressing for people. A person’s hair is often deeply connected with how they see themselves, and a big part of the way they present themselves to people, so this changing for the worst can be very disconcerting to people. Whether you are seeking professional assistance with your hair loss concerns or not, there’s a variety of things you can do to that may assist in helping get your hair back on track.


Just about everyone likes a good massage, and it seems your scalp does as well. Massaging your scalp can help stimulate hair growth and improve hair thickness, spending a bit of time giving yourself a gentle scalp massage at the very least can be an excellent way to take a bit of a relaxing timeout. It’s assumed that the light stretching and movement of the hair follicles during this process helps encourage growth and strength of your hair. While it’s unlikely to help you with any significant form of hair loss, if you are looking for a free way to improve hair quality, this may be one thing to add to your list of hair tips.

Do Natural Remedies Work for Hair Regeneration?

There’s a massive variety of suggestions that people make for natural hair regeneration treatments. Your results will vary depending on what you try, but be realistic if you go down this path. Hair loss is complicated, and the cause can often be underlying and not directly associated with your hair in the physical sense at all. A lot of natural remedies can be quite good at moisturising your hair, just manage your expectations, and beware of anything that may cause irritation or that seems to be causing any when applied. Natural remedies are typically pretty hit and miss, so beware you may often just end up with some sticky hair and a touch of the placebo effect.

Some Common Natural Remedies for Hair Regeneration

Aloe vera is a common recommendation and is said to treat dandruff naturally as well as help reduce excess oil on your scalp, it’s a common addition to a lot of shampoos and conditioners. Coconut oil is another that is very popular for a lot of natural remedies and often suggested for your hair as well by many people experimenting with natural options. A non-topical treatment for hair generation that is also natural is consuming fish oil in the form of a supplement, it is considered a good way to help with hair quality by increasing your intake of omega fatty acids. Onion juice is an odd one and the smell is not likely something you would enjoy, however, it has actually shown some quite good statistics for being a potential treatment for alopecia areata in at least one small study, though the sample size of subjects was quite small. Ginseng is supplements are another non-topical treatment for hair loss that some people try, it is thought perhaps a particular compound found in ginseng may promote hair growth, and has shown to at least in cultured human hair follicles in several studies.

The Best Tip for Hair Regeneration

Seek professional advice, hair loss is complicated and has a huge range of causes and factors involved that can make it difficult to even begin to solve on your own. Avoid wasting time and money by seeking out an experienced professional in hair loss. If you are located in Melbourne, Skin Club is an exquisite option, providing skilled Cosmetic Doctors who are well-versed in treating various types of hair loss using treatments best suited to specific types of hair loss. Finding the underlying cause is a vital part of getting your hair loss under control and getting on the right track to hair regeneration. Book an obligation-free consultation at Skin Club today to see how they can help you with your hair loss concerns and any other aesthetic issues you may be facing.


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