You put on your best dress and did your makeup and hair. Everything is on fleek. Or is it? Have you been feeling like something just does not add up? That perfect Instagram look you have been going for, just does not come right? 

You have been wondering how that influencer got such a sharp look on that latest mirror selfie. Their faces are not bloated at any given time. They always look sharp and prominent. Makeup can only help so much, the real solution is getting a facial slimming treatment. With so many non-surgical safe and effective procedures available today, why let a dull look hold you back? At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we offer all kinds of non-surgical facial slimming treatments.

We work hard to maintain our body, health and even our hair. We spend time following beauty skincare routines for our faces, but often small areas on our faces and necks do not get enough attention from us. Trust me, a small and subtle alteration to your facial area can make a huge and stunning difference in your face. 

Consider getting a facial slimming treatment today, to complete your looks. But before going in for the procedure, you should first know a little bit about facial slimming. Let us start with the number of ways can you get your facial features contoured.

Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors offer non-surgical facial slimming methods such as :

  • Facial lipolysis
  • Celluform Plus
  • Non-surgical jaw reduction treatment
  • Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting

Several factors can cause your face to look aged and bloated. It is perfectly normal. With extensive remedies being available to you, this can easily be cured. Some of these factors that cause your facial appearance to look dull are :

  • Sudden weight gain
  • Sudden weight loss resulting in the skin becoming loose
  • Your posture throughout the day
  • Saggy and loose skin due to age
  • Lifestyle choices like excessive smoking or drinking alcohol can make you look aged

Now that you know a little bit about facial slimming treatments, you may be wondering if a cosmetic procedure is really worth it. Of course, it is! If you can recover your old confidence and beauty, why not? Let us look at some of the facts and benefits of non-surgical facial slimming treatments :

  • Most patients do not get any kind of scarring from this procedure, but in rare cases, scars are still very short-lived and go away in a little bit of time.
  • This treatment is not appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or people with skin infections. Our experts here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors can tell you if you are a good candidate for this treatment.
  • This treatment will promote a healthy lifestyle for you, as you may have to hold a stable weight in order to stop any fat from accumulating on your face again.
  • Your skin may be sensitive to touch initially up to 24 hours after your session. You will not feel any pain during the treatment since your lower face will be numbed using an ointment beforehand.
  • Immediately after the treatment, your facial area will start swelling up and will continue to do so until the 2nd day. This is normal, and a sign that your fat is being broken down. The swelling will gradually decrease within a few weeks.
  • You may need anywhere between 2 – 6 sessions spread over a span of a year to see the complete results.
  • The results from non-surgical facial slimming treatments are permanent. If you continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle, your face will never get a bloated look again.
  • This is a complete non-invasive non-surgical treatment. It is also relatively risk-free and no type of incision is made on your face.
  • With very minimal downtime, you can expect to get back to your regular lifestyle almost immediately

Now that you know the benefits of a non-surgical facial slimming treatment, let us look at the factors you have to consider and the preparation you have to undergo before getting this treatment : 

  • Decide the portions of your face you want to improve.
  • Consult our experts here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors to determine whether you are a healthy fit for the treatment.
  • Listen to all the preparations your doctor asks you to make before the day of the treatment.
  • Ask the doctor if any extra supplements need to be taken, or if any supplement you are currently on should be stopped.
  • If you are a chain-smoker, you need to stop smoking for at least a month before getting the filler injections.
  • Keep your expectations realistic from the treatment
  • Understand that it may end up not being up to your expectations
  • A single session will only take about an hour of your day
  • You may consult your doctor and decide to get several other treatments at once. It will not affect your initial plan.
  • Non-surgical facial slimming treatments are more cost-effective than invasive surgical procedures
  • Non-surgical facial slimming treatments have proved to pose the least amount of risk among surgical and laser treatments 
  • The number of sessions you will need depends on your body, skin, lifestyle and your aesthetic goals. The doctor will tell you the exact number upon consultation.
  • This is an entirely non-invasive treatment. No incisions will be made on your skin.
  • The procedure will be pain-free. You may experience mild discomfort but it is not painful.
  • The doctor will prep you by applying a numbing agent to the treatment area before giving you the injections. 
  • Non-surgical facial slimming treatments will definitely tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles in the treatment area. This in turn will make you look fresh, younger and more prominent.
  • These fillers may also be used to lighten any type of surgical or acne scarring on your face
  • You can consider getting dermal fillers for your face after you are 18. Most people start getting fillers from ages 30 – 45.

Here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, 97% of our patients can attest to being satisfied with the outcome of their cosmetic treatments. Get a consultation today for an all-stop solution to all your cosmetic problems, and give yourself the cosmetic boost you deserve today.

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