Beginners Guide to Vaser Liposuction


Considering liposuction is a big thing for many people, and rightly so as it can drastically help adjust your look and aesthetic. When contemplating cosmetic surgery it’s great to consider all your potential options, including types of the procedure you are considering, and in the case of liposuction Vaser liposuction might be the perfect fit for your needs and desired outcome. When planning out cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic treatments, the best results come when you examine what is best suited to your situation and work with your doctor to plan accordingly. Vaser liposuction is growing in popularity and if this is the first time you are hearing about it you may be surprised by what can be acheived with this modern approach to a very well established surgical treatment for removing excess fatty deposits in undesirable places.

Why Get Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is a twist on the traditional approach to liposuction that can be a desirable alternative to standard liposuction. If you want to minimise the disruption of tissues and have a better chance at a smoother and quicker recovery Vaser may be an excellent option for you, especially if you are already considering liposuction. If you want a more precise result rather than a general reduction in fatty deposits you may find Vaser a fantastic option as well. There’s a lot of benefits of Vaser liposuction that contribute to its growing popularity and in turn, increased availability among cosmetic surgery clinics all around the world.

What Does Vaser Liposuction Do Differently?

By applying tumescent fluid and then targeting the area the procedure is focused on with specially chosen ultrasound frequencies, the fat is liquified. Doing this results in making it not just easier to remove, but ideally results in missing less of it, and being able to do so in a more precise manner than standard liposuction in some cases. The damage caused to connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels is minimal thanks to this approach which often makes for a smoother recovery from Vaser liposuction compared to the standard procedure. This reduced intensity is one of the significant reasons people are starting to opt more for Vaser liposuction vs conventional liposuction more often.

What Areas Are Suited to Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is well suited to a wide variety of areas. It is fantastic at dealing with areas that require a little more precision as well, such as the chin or knees. As it can often produce a more even result, it is great for those more delicate areas or those that are on display from day to day. Vaser liposuction for men suffering from oversized man boobs will often find this preferable as a more precise result can help hide signs of work that has been done at all, something frequently significant to many men dealing with gynecomastia. Even the face can be dealt with using Vaser, making it very versatile. Everything from the jaw, neck, arms, thighs, buttocks, back, legs, and more can be sculpted and refined, producing a more desirable shape or showing more muscle definition using Vaser.

Recovering from Vaser Liposuction

There are a few tips for recovering from Vaser liposuction you can employ to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Arranging someone to at least take you home after your procedure is usually necessary, but ideally having someone stick around during the first stages of your recovery to help with more physical tasks can be amazingly helpful as well. Having some clean towels and bandages handy can help deal with any drainage and keep it off your furniture and bedding, having a few extra pillows on hand can be fantastic as well. Excess tumescent fluid is very likely to drain from your incisions for the first couple of days after Vaser, so don’t be shocked by this as it will generally have a blood-tinged colour to it. It’s expected to have some degree of swelling and often bruising after having liposuction, including Vaser. However, if you experience any severe pain or other concerning signs of potential trouble reach out to your medical practitioner as soon as possible.


Take it as easy as you can during your recovery, while trying to walk around to keep good blood flow from time to time is essential to avoid any work or anything remotely straining for the first week at least. Listen to your doctor carefully regarding what they recommend during your Vaser liposuction recovery, and be sure to take all their advice on board. Things like wearing your compression bandages as advised and as long as directed can help reduce the odds of running into problems, slowing your recovery, or damaging the quality of your results. If you are considering having Vaser liposuction start your journey today by booking a consultation with an exceptional clinic like Skin Club in Melbourne where they provide the most outstanding service and optimal Vaser liposuction outcomes consistently.

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