A lot of people are only just learning that you can reduce the size of a double chin using a modern injectable treatment that is highly effective. Learning this often leads to a lot of questions when first hearing about it, the realisation that surgery won’t be required to reduce chin size can be quite exciting for those frustrated with their current chin size being larger than they would prefer. Even if you have heard about this non-invasive way to reduce chin size, there’s a lot you may not know about these effective treatments.

Do Double Chin Injections Last Long?

Yes, thanks to the way that double chin injections damage fat cells leading to them being permanently unable to store fat, once you have reached your desired outcome, it’s not expected you will need to receive further treatments again. This treatment is extremely effective while being non-surgical this is one of the many reasons interest is growing in this modern approach to a common aesthetic problem.

What is a Double Chin Injection Treatment Like?

When you first hear about this treatment, you may think it’s likely quite complicated, and while it requires experience to perform well, and target the areas with the correct amount. The process itself for you the patient is pretty straight forward, involving a series of tiny injections into your chin and lower face.

How Long Does it Take to Get Double Chin Injections?

Double chin injections are not just very useful in the way they work; they are also very efficient as well for your time. The treatment itself takes only 15 to 20 minutes on average. This swiftness makes it quite easy to fit into a busy schedule.

What is the First Step to Getting a Smaller Chin?

Booking a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor is the first place to start when looking at getting double chin injections for the first time. It’s important to be assessed by a professional experienced in performing these treatments to ensure you get the most optimal outcomes and ensure you are well suited to these treatments. If you have a lot of excess skin, for example, you may not be well suited, at least not until that is dealt with as well. Don’t assume you aren’t however or that nothing can be done until you’ve been professionally assessed as many people make great candidates for this treatment if they have excess chin fat.

What are the Common Side Effects of Double Chin Injections?

The most common side effects you can experience is some swelling, pain, redness, and numbness. Sometimes you may also experience some areas of hardness most commonly in the injection site. This is not a full list of potential side effects, consult your practitioner during your consultation and ensure you fully understand any potential risks. You can minimise your odds of an adverse outcome by ensuring you only seek professional help when dealing with your cosmetic concerns. Some of these common side effects are to be expected, especially some redness and swelling.

How Often Can I have Double Chin Injections?

While you won’t need to continually top up on double chin injections, most people find they require a few sessions to acheive their target goal. To make sure that the area is fully ready to receive further treatment and that any activity that was caused by the previous treatment has ceased a month is waited between sessions to allow time for this. This gap is essential to ensure that there is no remaining swelling or activity that will make your chin look different from how it will after this subsides. This break helps assist with your injector being able to target the remaining areas that you would like addressed more accurately.

The Best Place for Getting Your First Kybella Injections?

Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne provide a broad range of service to both men and women, providing impressive modern treatments like Kybella for double chin concerns. If you are considering getting these treatments, it’s more than worthwhile seeking out experienced Cosmetic Doctors to ensure the treatment is not just performed well but you get the best advice before, during, and after your treatment. Book an obligation-free consultation at Skin Club today!

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