Are You Too Old for Liposuction?


As people get older, it’s no surprise that interest in cosmetic surgery and seeking out various ways to fight back the signs of ageing as they start to become more visible. While the tide is turning as cosmetic surgery is being seen more for the potential enhancements it can provide and not just the corrective and rejuvenation aspects interest in procedures like liposuction is still high among those a little older. Don’t let feeling too old let you miss out on feeling your best, and enjoying the confidence that comes with being not just content with your body but satisfied.

What is the Best Age to Get Liposuction?

While the younger you are often the better your skin can bounce back and the more likely you are in good health, although this is not a firm gauge of being well-suited by any means. The quality of your skin, it’s elasticity as more significant than your actual age to how well you are likely to bounce back well from liposuction without having to deal with issues like skin sag. If you have a lot of weight removed from an area and especially if you already have loose skin from excessive weight loss it doesn’t matter what age you are you may want to have this excess removed. There is really no particular age limit for liposuction, and neither is there a best time chronologically. While being younger can help, being at a stable weight and one that is healthy for your size will likely have more association with being a better candidate than what age you are.

Health and Being Suitable for Liposuction

As you may have noticed, there’s a connection between being in good health and being a good candidate for liposuction. There are some things that can be a hindrance to having this procedure. Things that interfere with healing are primary concerns, health problems such as autoimmune issues or stuff like smoking can be detrimental to the healing process and even just make recovery potentially harder. Medications often need to be considered as well. These days just about everyone takes some form of medication. Unfortunately, there are many that can increase the risks of liposuction. Many drugs (even aspirin) have the ability to thin the blood which can lead to increased bleeding, bruising, and other concerns. Even alcohol will thin the blood, and this is something consumed every day by millions of people all around the world. It’s incredibly important to be honest with your doctor about any drugs or medications you take; this becomes even more important if you will be going to be going under general anaesthesia for your procedure.

Is Liposuction Safe When You are Older?

Liposuction is considered quite a safe procedure and one that has been performed a lot since its inception, providing a wealth of knowledge to doctors performing these procedures. While all surgery carries risks, some may be increased in your situation or that you may be less prone to, and this largely depends on your health and connected factors. The best way to find out if you are suitable for liposuction is to have a consultation, while you may think one thing or another may make you not a viable candidate you may be surprised what can be done to work around many issues you may face. Booking a liposuction consultation can also be a great way to find out the best type of liposuction for your needs, how much liposuction can liposuction cost, as well as any alternatives that may be better suited to your needs. Discussing your desired goals with an experienced cosmetic doctor is something that can be invaluable even if you aren’t entirely sure what you want to do quite yet.

Getting The Best Liposuction at Any Age

Having the best experience and results when having liposuction is highly influenced by the quality of the doctor you have performing it. Take your time to find the best liposuction doctor around you, and don’t be afraid to have more than one consultation at different clinics if you didn’t feel like your first experience was a great one or just not an ideal fit. Being comfortable with who performs your cosmetic surgery is very important in itself and just another way to help ensure you get the best out of your liposuction journey.

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