The social psychologists of the University of Toronto revealed that people can tell whether you are rich or poor based on facial expressions. Explained in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the people who appear wealthier are likely to be more successful candidates for a job than the less fortunate counterparts. 

A study was conducted where student volunteers were asked to pose for photos with a neutral expression. The photos of the volunteers were sorted into groups based on their total family income. Those with a family income of less than $78,000 were classified as poor and those earning more than $131,000 were placed in the rich group. Selected groups of student volunteers were told to use their gut instincts to analyze and pick who among the portraits looked rich or poor. They were able to differentiate which students belong to the rich and poor families with 53% accuracy. 

The ability to determine one’s social class applies when they are showing a neutral expression. Emotions reflect your experiences and become an imprint on a person’s face and recurrent happiness can be associated with wealthy people who are satisfied with their lives. Professor Rule explained that the neurons in the brain specialize in facial recognition, although we are unable to explain why we are making the judgments on their social-economic positions, according to Ph.D. candidate Thora Bjornsdottir. 

Professor Rule stated that the next step whether the socio-economic class is more apparent in other groups of people is by studying older individuals. So far, the research has only featured student volunteers.

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