Excessive sweating is considered a hot topic within the medical community – and with good reason. According to WHO, 1 billion people have hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration.) The conditions can depend on several factors, and common causes include stress, diseases, or simple medical conditions. While the reasons can vary, one thing that people do agree on is that they want to get rid of it.
Most people with mild hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) have superficial sweat stains between the fingers, on their palms, and the insides of their forearms. They are often self-conscious and may try to hide them with clothing or avoid being seen with their hands outstretched. But people with severe hyperhidrosis have intense and bothersome sweating, which marks them as different from the rest of us. These conditions can bring serious health risks to you, some that most people are unaware.

Is Sweating Too Much Dangerous

On its own, no, not at all. Sweating is a natural process and is your body trying to cool you down. When it happens, you shouldn’t be too worried about it, and as long as you take proper steps, it is manageable. Even excessive sweating isn’t that bad as long as you make sure to take care of yourself. However, it can get more dangerous with hyperhidrosis, and though more sweat isn’t harmful, it is not something you shoulder just ignore either. What it does do is create hazardous conditions in your body that heighten some risks. For example, too much sweat and moisture can be an ideal breathing ground for harmful bacterias. Although bacterias already are present, the thing that sweating does is make it easier for them to spread.

Health Risks from Excessive Sweating

Body Odor

Probably one of the most well-known conditions- at least to your nose, that results from hyperhidrosis is body odor. This condition occurs in almost everyone at some point in their lives. However, it is much more common for people with excessive sweating issues. It is essential to know that the condition doesn’t come from the sweat itself but from the diseases it causes.

The reason for that is if you sweat so much, especially in areas such as your armpits. It also makes it easier for bacteria to form. The hairs, heat, and sweat make ideal conditions for bacteria to develop and gather. The reason is that it prevents the work from entirely disappearing in your armpits. Meanwhile, the heat makes it easier for bacteria to thrive, and the hair gives it a place to cling onto. When enough bacteria gathers, it can leave the unpleasant scent we associate with body odor.

While there are many treatments you can use, some as simple as deodorant, it is still not the same. For one, you will need much more of it, and second, you may need something more substantial.


Aside from body odors, bacteria can continue to be a problem for your body in other ways too. Bacterial infections are common issues that come with sweating. Aside from your armpits, sweating in other places like your bottom and feet can lead to other problems. In these places, the sweat can hard dry due to its location, and these conditions allow bacteria and moisture to fester in the areas. In these areas, common bacteria that gather there are fungi, leading to Athlete’s Foot and Jock Itch. Aside from being smelly and unsightly, these can have some severe issues.

For Athlete’s Foot, the condition can lead to blisters, dry skin, and other issues that can make it painful in most physical activity. Meanwhile, if you have Jock’s Itch, it can cause blisters and peeling skin which can also be uncomfortable.


Aside from just being uncomfortable, sweat on your skin can lead to other issues as well. One of the main issues is that it can lead to a breakdown of skin in the area by constant moisture. These conditions lead to wear and tear on the skin that leaves it less able to do its job and protect you from harmful substances. Another area in which infections can be an issue is with the formations of warts and skin issues. While these commonly form from your skin rubbing against each other, bacteria can also play a part as well as it has an easier time clinging onto or entering your skin, which can cause warts.

Diseases Symptom

Yes, sometimes sweating does not happen on its own but is a symptom of another disease. In cases like this, the issue usually involves your body temperature. Many diseases cause your body to work faster or mess with the chemical balance in your body. Common diseases that drive this are heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, and Thyroid Issues. Since the former affects blood flow, it forces your body to move faster and pump more blood. On the other hand, the last one is an issue of chemical products since it can cause your body to produce more chemicals, such as those responsible for sweating.

To compensate for that, you will end up sweating more like an attempt to cool off. However, this is only a temporary fix, as sweating too much can dehydrate you and leave you vulnerable to infections that only worsen the issue.

If you want to address the issue here, it is not as simple as other excessive sweating treatments, you will need first to address the other problems. If you can manage the actual disease in your body, it should help lessen the amount of sweat your body produces.

Mental Health

Probably the area most people do not always recognize as a risk is your mental health. The constant pit stains and discomfort when you do anything can toll anyone who experiences it. Sometimes the worst part of body odor or stains isn’t the condition itself but how people view it. It leaves you looking messy and sloppy and affects how you and others view yourself. The process can leave you feeling embarrassed and self-conscious about your body. The worst part is that it can repeatedly happen for little reason. As a result, many people have to be constantly on alert. While this might help limit some of the effects, you will not entirely stop it, and it can be an exhausting process.

For some, it just makes them less inclined to put themselves out there. People do not want to risk showing signs of Hyperhidrosis excessive sweating, so pass up chances to show off or express themselves. It can also affect your dating lives and work as you always run the risk of breaking out in sweats. It can lead to people feeling a sense of self-loathing in some other cases.

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