Are Lip Fillers Dangerous?


When it comes to considering any cosmetic treatment, this is a fair question, while the answer even for the safest of treatments is everything has some inherent risks. Even drinking copious amounts of water can be dangerous. While it’s good to be cautious and fully informed when considering any kind of cosmetic procedure or treatment, surgical or non-surgical lip enhancement, you should always try and be aware of the risks and other considerations that come into the equation. If a specific treatment is quite safe, usually this is well balanced with the common side effects being minor or uncommon, with more severe side effects being rare. However, the more extreme work you have done, the more this balance typically shifts. Thankfully, lip fillers are considered quite safe, and there are some caveats though if you want to have the best odds of optimal outcomes and reduce risks that can be mitigated when you take precautions when planning for your lip filler treatments.

What Stops You Being a Good Candidate for Lip Fillers

Sometimes even with less invasive treatments like lip fillers, you may not be a good candidate. There can be several reasons for this that could make the procedure not suitable or more difficult to perform on you. If you are suffering from an autoimmune disorder, you may have higher risks to consider, also even being diabetic can sometimes be a concern. If you have an active infection, this is not a good time for you to be receiving injectable treatments such as lip fillers. Nerve and blood disorders, or taking blood-thinning medications can make you less of a good candidate for lip fillers and make them potentially more risky for you. If you are interested in lip fillers and have any of these concerns, don’t just assume there aren’t ways to approach your cosmetic concerns. Often by adjusting the approach to performing the treatment or using alternatives to lip fillers you can find a solution, book a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor and discuss your concerns and see what can be acheived and how much your specific circumstances would hinder your ability to have these treatments.

Lip Filler Dangers?

When it comes to lip filler dangers, the main concerns are bruising and swelling as they are the most common side effects of lip fillers. When you experience some degree of bruising or swelling from this treatment, it is usually minor. The swelling may start to settle in as little as a few hours, in more moderate cases usually a few days, and bruising tends to take a few days to dissipate as well. There are adverse outcomes that can occur from lip fillers, one of the more severe ones if injecting filler into a vein or artery; this is often caused by inexperienced injectors. Sometimes a blunt cannula will be used to perform filler procedures as this assists in pushing the veins and arteries out of the way rather than piercing them like a needle is more likely to do. A skilled injector will know depending on what is being adjusted explicitly whether a needle or cannula is preferable. Infection is another more severe lip filler danger. If you have your treatments performed in a hygienic environment where there are correct handling procedures in place and good cleanliness, this is less likely to occur.

Are Lip Fillers Dangerous?

Now we’ve addressed some of the common things to consider, and some of the side effects associated with lip fillers it’s a great time to revisit the title of this article and the question it posed. Is this a dangerous treatment, no, lip fillers while having the ability to cause side effects in some cases, or produce adverse outcomes, they are overall considered a quite safe cosmetic treatment. Lip fillers are becoming so popular not just because they can produce amazing results for people seeking lip adjustment, rejuvenation, and enhancement, but because they are non-invasive, non-surgical. Compared to surgical alternatives for lip augmentation, lip fillers are a great choice to consider for just about anyone looking to increase lip size or change lip shape (provided this can be acheived with the addition of volume).

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