Are Double Chin Injections as Good as They Say?

Have you been curious about these non-surgical chin reductions you’ve heard about and wondering if they are as good as people seem to imply, you are unlikely alone. Whenever something new starts becoming a trending treatment, it’s always fair to ask if the buzz and hype are valid. You may be surprised to find out that in fact, double chin injections can be very effective treatments and an intriguing alternative to chin liposuction.

Doesn’t Kybella Cause Your Face to Swell?

Yes, it can and interestingly swelling and redness are typically a sign that the treatment is working as expected. When your chin swells from Kybella injections, it may be a little uncomfortable, but it’s generally manageable and not usually any surprise at all to your doctor. Of course, there’s a reasonable amount of swelling and what would be considered concerning, discuss with your cosmetic doctor what to expect in this regard and don’t these kinds of “kybella horror stories” put you off looking more into whether or not double-chin injections may be for you.


Can’t I Just Have Liposuction on My Chin?

Well in many cases you may be well suited to chin liposuction, the thing that you then have to ask yourself is if chin liposuction is well-suited to you. It’s one thing to be a great candidate for something, and it’s another if the procedure is a good fit when it comes to what you prioritise. For a lot of people, a non-surgical double-chin removal is an excellent alternative to having liposuction on the chin. Surgical treatment options come with higher risks and are more invasive. Following most liposuction procedures, you will also have to consider things like extended recovery periods, and that recovery from liposuction typically involves having to wear compression garments.

Why is the Chin So Important Anyway?

The chin plays a significant role in the aesthetics of your face, if your chin is sagging, oversized, or otherwise looking a little worse for wear you can find it challenging to work around when trying to look your best. Thanks to growing non-surgical alternatives to many traditional cosmetic procedures, you can improve your look and in turn often your confidence as well, without having to go under the knife. When you can remove a double-chin without surgery, it’s a prospect that is something to consider if you have been put off by the more intensive nature of surgery. Enhancing and refining the look of your chin and jawline can make a massive difference when you are fighting against the signs of ageing and wanting to maintain a youthful appearance, or when you just have dealt with a fatty chin for far too long.

Does it Actually Last?

One common myth about non-surgical treatments is they are not worth it because they don’t last. Yet many modern cosmetic injectables and other less invasive treatment options actually have extensive lasting periods, especially when you consider how swiftly many of these such as double-chin injections can be performed. Interestingly, Kybella permanently damages affected fat cells. The damage caused to the fat cells from a Kybella injection stops these cells from ever being able to store fat again. If you maintain a relatively stable weight after you have treated your double chin it’s unlikely you will ever need to consider having it retreated. Even if you gain weight, you may very well find that you now regain weight more proportionately in the chin than before, as there are simply fewer fat cells accumulated in this region now.

How Much Does Kybella Cost?

The amount you pay for Kybella will vary, it will depend firstly on who is performing your treatments. It’s important to not shop purely for the cheapest kybella injections, as you may find yourself left with a less than experienced practitioner performing your treatments. The other factors that play a significant part in how much kybella costs is the amount required, and the number of sessions ultimately that it will take to reduce the size of your chin to reach your goals. The best way to find out how much you will pay for Kybella, should you choose to have it, is to book a consultation with a clinic like Skin Club in Melbourne, their skilled cosmetic doctors provide an impressively well-rounded service along with their wealth of experience in not just double-chin removal with kybella but also the rest of the wide range of treatments they offer.

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