At SKIN CLUB we are breaking down the myths of anti wrinkle injections. Don’t be fooled by the price tag!

You see a nurse injector with very little training and working without supervision.

They throw prices at you at a third of what Cosmetic Doctors or Surgeons or Plastic Surgeons would charge.

Then you think as cosmetic doctors & surgeons we are ripping people off with low value for treatments.

Well the truth is…. We are not. Welcome to the world of Cosmetic Medicine being taken over by business men and women.

Unfortunately there are too many swindlers with shiny shops and expensive fit outs establishing themselves in Australia these days. It has almost come to the point where reliability with treatment is becoming as good as what a used car salesman could provide in his car yard whilst trying to sell you a car which is actually a bomb.

Unfortunately we cannot name the company or brand name of anti wrinkle injections but we will explain to you in clear terms & and educate you about what to ask/watch out for.

There is a product out their being used by shopping centre and unscrupulous psuedo-skin clinics that is very misleading when it comes to pricing. We will refer to it as type “D”. You may have seen them spruiking the crazy low prices for an anti wrinkle injection at $3.90 per unit.

Buyer beware! This is a product which requires 3-4 times more units to reach the same effect as a normal anti wrinkle injection. What does this mean?

Well in comparison to the other brands on the market, this particular brand is almost 3-4 times weaker and 2.5 times cheaper per unit. In the end it works out to be more expensive by perhaps $2 per unit and also has a tendency to wear off quicker.

The next brand out their, brand “X”, is quiet effective in the short term but not so much in the long term. What this means is that it works quicker and runs out quicker. Its priced honestly by most clinics out their but it has a very young following among cosmetic doctors for anti wrinkle treatment. Its perfect for a party that you maybe attending in the next 72 hours as it is very quick acting.

Then there is brand “B”, which is the coca cola of the anti wrinkle injections. It has the market cornered with quiet possibly the some of the most effective marketing campaigns in human history. It also has the most effective results in tackling wrinkles. This is the product that Hollywood stars have been using and it still continues to maintain its premium image with its expensive price tag.

I hope that answers your questions. So think twice before vieweing the $3.90 anti wrinkle price tag.

This is an introduction to your basic anti wrinkle survival guide. Consult your us for more information.

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