What are anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are non-surgical procedures that help ease and reduce the appearance of wrinkle, fine, and deep-seated lines. These are anti-aging treatments that help facial muscles to relax and contract less to prevent the signs of skin aging from building up.

Anti-wrinkle injections are also known as wrinkle reduction injections. This treatment helps combat crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and other lines forming on the face. These injections tend to loosen specific facial muscles which form expression lines. When the movements of these muscles are confined, the lines and wrinkles are prevented from developing while the existing lines and wrinkles are slowly smoothened.

How much do anti-wrinkle injections cost?

Just like any other injectable procedures, the actual dynamics of anti-wrinkle injections is based on the dilution ratio, recommended dosage or quantity in each unit. In essence, the cost varies on the area to be treated, its extent or condition, and the type or brand of anti-wrinkle injection to be used. In most cases, the cost depends on the number of units used per treatment.

How much is per unit of anti-wrinkle injections?

Depending on the brand, the cost of anti-wrinkle injections is between $4.00 to $12.00 per unit. However, the number of units required in each procedure depends on the treatment area and other considerations that are specific to your needs.

How many units do you need?

Each person is unique and his or her cosmetic needs vary. In some cases, men may require more units of anti-wrinkle injections than women. Thus, for men, each treatment site may need additional three to five units or more depending on the depth of the wrinkles. The following approximation is for top-of-the-line brands which are not overly diluted.

Here is a guideline of how many units you would need for various treatment areas:

  • For the “11’s” or the vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows, you may need about five to ten units of anti-wrinkle injections;
  • A woman’s face generally needs fifteen to twenty-five units to treat the frown lines;
  • Six to twelve units for crow’s feet on each side;
  • “Bunny lines” need about one to two units on each side;
  • Facial slimming needs about twenty-five units for each side or fifty units or more; and
  • A neck lift may use about ten to twenty units of anti-wrinkle injection.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections Price List

Below is a price approximation guideline for each treatment area:

  • Forehead treatment: $20.00 to $120.00
  • For your 11’s: $20.00 to $120.00
  • Frown lines: $60.00 to $300.00
  • Crow’s feet: $48.00 to $288.00
  • Gummy smile: $150.00
  • Bunny Lines: $8.00 to $48.00
  • Facial slimming: $200.00 to $600.00

You may seek the advice of your cosmetic doctor if you may combine any of these treatments or if anti-wrinkle injections can be combined with other facial or cosmetic treatments. In most cases, anti-wrinkle injections are paired with lip fillers or jaw slimming treatments.

Please note that Australian laws restrict the use of specific brand names on websites, hence, it is best to consult your trusted cosmetic doctor for brand-specific price quotations.

Optimising your results

The wonders of anti-wrinkle injections are amazing. However, doing your part can help optimize the results of this skin aging reversal treatment.

During the consultation, it is highly advisable that you inform your doctor of all medication and health-related issues or condition that you have. It is best to divulge all pertinent details that may affect your anti-wrinkle treatment, especially those that may cause and aggravate bleeding, swelling and bruising.

After the treatment, you will be given an aftercare guideline that is customized to specifically work well with your skin condition and lifestyle. In most cases, you will see the results within seven to fourteen days.

If your wrinkles are very deep you may need several treatments before they are smoothened or before you notice amazing improvements. You will likely need a touch up after about three to six months to maintain lasting results.

Refine and smoothen your face with cost-effective anti-wrinkle injections!


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