Anti Wrinkle has become a household name by almost all celebrities over the past 10 years and has been made affordable for everyone. The prevalent use of Anti Wrinkle is at the forehead, crow’s feet and area in between the eyebrows. The effect of Anti Wrinkle when injected relaxes the muscles, therefore, preventing the muscle contraction to form lines and wrinkles. The result is a smoother and more youthful look. 


The best option is to have the treatment administered by an experienced professional with an eye for facial symmetry and balance. Due to the  high demand of Anti Wrinkle injections, people consider going to aesthetic salons without realizing the risks involved. Anti Wrinkle mistakes are rare if performed by a licensed doctor. However, greater risks may happen if the treatment is handled by a staff who may not have been trained properly or may not have the proper credentials. 

Wrong units of Anti Wrinkle is the most common mistake of inexperienced injectors. The consequences can be: 

  • A feeling of heaviness in the forehead 
  • Hooding of the eyebrows or having an excessive skin in the eyelids. Unfortunately, the lowering of the eyebrows and the inability to move it cannot be corrected. Since Anti Wrinkle wears off in approximately 3-4 months, the patient will have to endure this side effect.
  • The surprised look or  where one or both of the eyebrows are elevated too high. This can be corrected with a few Anti Wrinkle Injections to relax the muscle that has pulled the eyebrow up too high.

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, our objective is to make you look the best you can be. 

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