Alternatives to Liposuction


Liposuction is a well-known procedure, and it’s so well known that even if you are only familiar with the name of a procedure or two in passing conversation over the years, this is likely one of them. The reason liposuction is so well known is it’s stood the test of time for a good reason, it works well and is considered to be a safe procedure. However, some people on occasion may not quite be the right candidate for liposuction, leading them to seek alternative options. Sometimes people also prefer to look at non-surgical alternatives to liposuction as well out of the preference to generally avoid surgery wherever necessary. For whatever reason though, there’s a lot of interest in alternatives to this procedure and the response by cosmetic companies has been to develop and provide some interesting options.

Make Sure You Have Done Everything You Can

If you are looking for a weight-loss procedure, liposuction likely isn’t for you. It’s not intended as a solution to obesity, nor is it considered a weight-loss treatment. So if you haven’t got your diet and exercise under control and in the best place you can get them, this is definitely an alternative to liposuction that should be considered before anything else. Maintaining a healthy body weight has a range of health benefits, especially as we get older, as does keeping up your fitness with regular exercise. While this sounds basic, it can be a struggle with the busy lives many of us lead today, but it’s vitally important to be the best we can be to make time to look after ourselves. Even making some smaller changes like replacing some sugary drinks with water can be a big help, and a bonus of helping maintain adequate hydration is excellent as well and fantastic for your body.

Using the Power of Hot and Cold

There are a growing number of fat-reduction methods that employ either heat or cold generation to damage or destroy fat cells, resulting in your body eliminating them. While the techniques vary from ultrasound fat reduction to laser fat reduction and even CoolSculpting, which uses cold to damage fat cells, they all work in similar ways. A target area is chosen and using ultrasound, radiofrequency, lasers, and other methods the fat in the targeted region is damaged. Often these approaches are non-surgical, which is one of the likely considerations leading people to try these alternatives. Many of these methods use heat to liquefy the fat while things like CoolSculpting attempt to crystallize and damage the fat cells. One of the benefits of choosing laser fat reduction or another approach that uses heat generation of one form or another is that this stimulates extra collagen production which can help tighten the skin and help it look fresh and youthful.

Different Types of Liposuction

While you may not be excited about the prospect of having conventional liposuction, you may find some of the modern liposuction techniques more enticing. Things like Vaser liposuction take the old well-established approach to surgical fat-reduction and use ultrasound energy (in the case of Vaser) and other supplementary additions to liquefy the fat before removal. Options like Vaser liposuction can help try and reduce recovery intensity as well as aim to reduce the potential bruising, swelling, and tissue damage that can occur. Sometimes these newer approaches can even produce more refined results on delicate areas like the face or even things like around the knees. If you are already in excellent shape, you can use something like liposculpture to increase muscle definition; this approach is a great tool as well for men looking to refine their more traditionally masculine features.


If you were on the fence about liposuction, you may find one of these varied approaches could be enough to pique your interest further, if you are curious it’s always worthwhile booking a consultation and checking some liposuction reviews to see what people think of the results from different types of liposuction techniques being employed these days. If you happen to be in Melbourne, you have a fantastic option in Skin Club, a clinic that provides a wide variety of treatment options for an even more comprehensive range of cosmetic concerns. When you are looking for liposuction Melbourne has you covered with their exceptional service and skilled staff.

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