Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that can remove excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids to create a more youthful appearance. It is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments out there as it can help deal with so many issues common in your eyes. No matter your gender or race, odds are you will begin to deal with issues such as sagging skin, wrinkles, and dark circles. However, while effective, not everyone is on board with this procedure, and people are looking for other options. Whatever the reasons, the question is out there, so what is the answer to that. This article will explain some common alternatives people turn to for this treatment.

Why People Want Alternatives

Before giving you all the alternatives to turn to, you should first consider answering why people want a different procedure. There can be plenty of reasons for that between thousands of people. However, there are always some common themes that are familiar to all. We want to let you know this to determine if your issues might fit in with this. Understanding that learning more about it can help you realize your reasons.


One of the most common reasons you will hear from people about this procedure and why they might not want to go through it is cost. It’s perfectly understandable as blepharoplasty Melbourne cost is expensive. On average, if you’re going to get a procedure like this, you can find yourself paying anywhere from $5,000-10,000. For many people, dropping that kind of money on a treatment, especially not medically necessary, is far too extravagant. As a result, many will probably be searching for cheaper alternatives.


Just as many people are unwilling to drop thousands of dollars for a procedure, others are reluctant to allow themselves to go under the knife unless they have to. While not as invasive as other procedures, The idea of having a blepharoplasty surgeon in Melbourne can make them queasy. There are still different ways to deal with this problem, even if they are not as dramatic. As a result, these people may prefer going after something less invasive but can guarantee that someone can help with their problems.

Health Reasons

Sometimes, you don’t want to have this procedure, but simply that you can’t have it. The issue is why many people may be physically unable to handle surgery like this. The surgery takes a lot out of you physically and mentally and can take weeks or months to recover. Doctors want to ensure that only those who can handle it get this procedure; they also have to turn away plenty of them. If you are one of those people, don’t worry because you still have plenty of options. Other procedures, especially noninvasive ones, can make for a better approach and easier on your body.

Some Alternatives to This Treatment

Eyelid Tape

One of the most common alternatives to this procedure requires no treatment, allowing anyone to bypass all these issues using eyelid tape. Eyelid tape is a standard cosmetic product, particularly in Asia. It is a special tape that you apply on your eyelid after you fold it back to create the appearance of a double eyelid. Doing this does not require any surgery and is the least invasive and incredibly cheap. Aside from just improving the look of your face, this procedure also helps push back some of the extra fat and tissue. So to a certain extent, this can help with the heaviness in your eyes.

However, the downside to this treatment is that this is a lot more of a hassle for you. You will need to remove the tape every night before you sleep or take a bath, which means applying it every day. There are even times where the video comes off in the middle of the day. At the same time, this tape cannot improve your overall skin health as the procedure does typically.

Brow Lift

Another possible alternative is to make use of a brow lift. As the name suggests, this treatment works directly on your eyebrow area and uses a procedure not too different from this. However, the difference with it is that it targets a spot higher up than eyelid surgery. Here doctors make the incision right above your eyebrow to adjust to the area. Doctors will shape the rest after removing superficial amounts of fat and tissue. They will take hold of these areas and push them back, folding them on each other to create a tighter shape. From there, doctors will apply sutures on the site to prevent it from falling back down. Compared to the upper blepharoplasty Melbourne cost, this procedure is comparatively cheaper at $5,000-7,000, having a lower price ceiling at least.

Cosmetic Injectables

Another standard noninvasive treatment is to make use of injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers. These two products can help solve different parts of the eyelid treatment, such as sagging and skin health.

With Botox, the purpose of these injections is to freeze the muscles around that area and prevent them from sagging. By injecting these around your eyelids where it is dropping, it can hold them in place and create a tighter appearance. The feeling is odd since that area is partially numb, but Botox is one of the most popular treatments to address sagging skin.

For dermal fillers, though, the idea is not to fix the issue itself but to improve the body’s response to it. The injection releases chemicals known as HA that spurs the growth of chemicals like collagen and elastin in your body. These are the main chemicals that are responsible for skin flexibility. As you get older, your body can no longer produce as much of it, which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. With dermal fillers, though, the doctors can address the issue right at the source. The procedure is also excellent at restoring volume around your eyes which can be great when dealing with dark circles.

Although this may seem like a fantastic alternative, there are some shortcomings. For one, both of these procedures are temporary but require multiple treatments to acheive results, which makes it a hassle to go through the process, especially since they only last for one or two years. Another issue is that it cannot address the heaviness of your brow or improve your vision, so it cannot create dramatic changes to your health.

Home Treatments and Skin Products

The most basic alternative people turn to is simply trying new products they find in the pharmacy on their skin. The idea here is that maybe a new product can add moisture or improve the skin’s overall health. Others make use of homemade products to try and create this procedure. The idea here is that if they can improve skin health, some of the worst effects will not be as bad. Usually, they use products rich in specific vitamins and minerals that are healthy for that area. This option is popular for people who do not have a lot of money and are working on a budget, and others do not have time to fully invest in a long surgical process.

While there is some science behind this procedure, the downside is the effects are minimal. Simple topical products can only do so much, especially since they are just skin deep. So it can help in relatively mild cases of drooping eyelids, but it is way out of its element in much more severe cases.

Laser Resurfacing

Another common procedure that people turn to as an alternative to surgery is the use of lasers. This is one of the newest and most advanced methods that people have to treat issues with their skin. SImilar to dermal fillers, this procedure aims to improve your body’s ability to heal itself by enhancing the growth of collagen production. Instead of injecting anything, though, the process goes by burning off the topmost layer of skin to get your body to respond and begin repairing the damage. This procedure includes burning off the sagging skin that is in the way of your eyelids. However, while it can improve collagen production, it cannot make significant adjustments to the shape of your eyelid or deal with issues such as having the skin sagging on your brow.

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