With the natural ageing process your upper eyelids stretch and the muscles supporting them lose their elasticity, making them appear droopy. This phenomenon can cause saggy eyebrows And make your under eyes baggy. Besides the aesthetic improvement of your face, eyelid surgery Can also provide you with some medical benefits. With age, as muscles lose their elasticity, Gravity causes an extra fold of skin to hang over your upper eyelids,  which can get in the way of your vision. An eyelift surgery Can get rid of that extra fold of skin thereby, significantly improving your vision.

Benefits of a  Blepharoplasty surgery :

  • A fresh look – 

You don’t feel like your own self when you look in the mirror anymore. As more and more beauty Trends and styles are emerging day by day,  it is becoming harder to keep up with them. 

If you feel scared of going under riskier cosmetic procedures, And you don’t want to look completely different from your old self then this might be the perfect solution for you. An Eyelift  does not change your whole look but makes you look like a more fresh and improved version of yourself.

  • An Improved vision –

One of the surprising perks of getting an Eyelift Blepharoplasty is Definitely the improvement of your vision. If we are being real, then we know that Lasik surgeries cost a lot of money.  Although, an Eyelift  will produce much less significant results than a full on Lasik surgery, Your vision will definitely improve nevertheless. 

  • Less Facial wrinkles – 

As mentioned earlier, the saggy fold of skin above your eyelids can hinder your vision.  As a result You may have developed the habit of often  raising your eyebrows for a better view.  If you notice your brow line carefully,  you will find some signs of wrinkles developing along it. 

Other more prominent wrinkles may also be visible around the area of your eyes. A blepharoplasty surgery in melbroune will cause you much less wrinkles,  and in turn give you a much younger look.

  • Less Migraines – 

With age, due to the hindrance in your vision, you may have developed the habit of subconsciously squinting your eyes and raising your eyebrows to try to see things better. While this might help you a bit to see better, this is also one of the top reasons for those frequent headaches you have been developing recently. 

All that extra energy spent on squinting your face and Eyes is definitely putting extra pressure on your brain, hence causing migraines. With a Blepharoplasty Eye Lift here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors in Melbourne, you will have improved vision and your migraines will be driven away.

  • Focused look – 

Everyone can agree that the eyes are the focal point of your whole face. The extra folds and puffiness around your eyes can hinder the path of light from reaching your irises and show their colour, making you look tired This can cause a dull and unfocused look of your eyes. A Blepharoplasty surgery provides your eyes with more light, and as a result, your face looks focused and brightest. 

  •  Improved Confidence –

 It is very much evident that when you have a focused and bright look, you have your improved vision, you look younger and fresh and are suffering from less migraines, you are definitely winning that day! 

This will end up being a huge confidence boost for yourself.  you will see yourself in a better light and after all, this is the dream! Self-confidence above all. 

So, why choose between a treatment to just aesthetically improve your looks or medically improve your vision, when you can definitely acheive both together from an Eyelift Blepharoplasty surgery. Consult our expert doctors here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors to find out which procedure suits you the best. Our team will cater specifically to your problems and provide you with the necessary solutions. 

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