All you need to know about Liquid Rhinoplastys – Non Surgical Nose Job

The way Cosmetic Doctors approach non-surgical procedures is changing and evolving as more methods and refinements of old ones with things getting better all the time. One of the quickest and easiest approaches for gaining more harmony and balance in the look of a person’s face is to enhance and refine the nose. The nose is central and many people are self-conscious if and imperfections in shape, size, dips, twists, oversized dorsal humps or a tip that points downward. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures that is requested in clinics all over the world, but surgery is a commitment many people are either not comfortable with due to permanence, fear or even financially as that can be a big issue when it comes to surgical treatments.

Injectable Fillers: 

For those patients who are not ready for the commitment or other issues that can come with surgery, many people are far more interested in going the injectable filler route to acheive in many situations comparable results for far less expense and downtime without any surgery. Although non-surgical treatment are only temporary they do provide a fantastic alternative that lasts several months at least and for a short low impact procedure, this is very reasonable a trade-off for many people. Injectable fillers can dramatically improve the quality of life for people experiencing insecurities and low confidence resulting from an issue with their appearance in many cases. When it comes to the nose there’s only so much makeup can do to hide issues which is why it’s such a problem area for a lot of people especially as it’s so prominent a feature of the face being central. HA based fillers are a very common type chosen for filler procedures targeting the nose. HA fillers are very safe to introduce to the body as hyaluronic acid already is produced inside the body so reactions are very rare, they are also free from animal by-products and the results are visible immediately though can be a little masked by some swelling or bruising if you incur any.


What is inside the filler product that is injected in/around the nose?

Typically it’s a non-animal stabilized formulation based on hyaluronic acid.

Does it Last Forever?

No injectable fillers are temporary even longer lasting ones still break down eventually with the most commonly used hyaluronic acid based fillers averaging between 6 – 18 months depending on the product, injection area and the rate the patient metabolizes and absorbs the filler varying things slightly.

Do I Need To Get A Skin Test Before A Filler Procedure?

No, hyaluronic acid is non-allergenic and is a substance naturally occurring in your body already, so reactions are extremely rare. No allergy testing is needed before the procedure.

How Is It Made?

Bacterial fermentation of streptococci bacteria and then processing into various products of various consistencies and other traits.

Who Should Perform Non-Surgical Nose Jobs?

Injectable fillers and any other cosmetic procedures should only be administered by trained, qualified and ideally also very experienced medical professionals only.

What Can Injectable Fillers Do For The Nose?

Injectable fillers can be used to address numerous issues people can face aesthetically with their noses. Bumps, unevenness, drooping tip and much more. Anything that can be filled, lifted or balanced with the addition of volume can typically be addressed.

What Can’t A Non-Surgical Nose Job Do?

Non-surgical nose jobs done using injectable fillers cannot change the shape and size of the nose in ways that it would be counterproductive to add more volume. They are great for hiding irregularities and many other things, but sometimes surgical options will be needed to get the results especially if you have something that is very oversized and by adding more volume elsewhere would make it worse. Always go into filler procedures with realistic expectations while for a lot of issues they can cause amazing outcomes they aren’t a one size fits all procedure, so schedule a consultation with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor such as those at Skin Club in Melbourne and ask what you can realistically expect and see if your concerns can be best addressed by using injectable fillers. When it comes to changing the actual anatomical structure of the nose, rhinoplasty surgery is the only way to do that.

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