The natural process of ageing causes a lot of changes to our bodies. As we mature mentally, our physical selves go through a major transformation as well. While our youth is revered with good skin, good metabolism and a lot of energy, as we get old, these things are taken away from us. We become tired easily, our internal organs start slowing down, and externally; we start getting loose skin and other signs of ageing like wrinkles, folds of fat, greying hair and others.

With age, as our external skin changes, our vaginal canal tissue also changes its shape, form and elasticity. It is very natural for women to experience the most change in their bodies, which includes their vaginas. It is very normal for most women to go through several changes in the vaginal canal, which includes vaginal dryness. 

Why should you consider getting a vaginal tightening treatment? Well, there are a number of reasons you should consider getting this procedure done. Losing elasticity and shape of vaginal tissue will result in :

  • A lower level of sensation during any kind of sexual activity
  • Some difficulty in using feminine hygiene products like tampons
  • A lack of self-confidence
  • Uncurbed vaginal dryness
  • A low sex drive 
  • Insecurity

A Vaginal tightening treatment or simply, vaginal rejuvenation is a collective name for treatments that can correct your vagina. It is also known as vaginoplasty and covers anything that alters the shape or elasticity of the vagina. Generally, women opt for vaginal tightening treatments for cosmetic reasons or to solve medical age-related problems such as a loose vaginal canal, dryness of the vagina, and urinary incontinence due to stress.

Women are generally apprehensive of surgical vaginoplasty methods. Preparing yourself mentally for a private procedure like vaginoplasty requires some time, and women often back out of this because of surgical, invasive procedures. Surgical procedures are scary enough in themselves. But now, Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors are offering energy-based non-surgical treatment options for vaginal rejuvenation.

You do not have to feel apprehensive about incisions and sutures on your vaginal area anymore. You also do not have to think about backing out of this procedure. Like all other organs of your body, if a cosmetic treatment for your vagina makes you feel good; or even if you need it for medical purposes, then you should definitely go for it. Just like we take care of all parts of our body like our face, our skin and our hairs, we should also take care of our vaginal health, and not shy away from it.

Laser vaginal treatments are promised to provide you with your desired results in a completely non-invasive procedure that does not require any kind of sutures or incisions to be made. Laser treatments work well and the results will make you feel 20 years younger. It improves your vaginal health after it has gone through major ageing symptoms and events like non-cesarean childbirth. Also, with the onset of menopause, your body goes through a lot of significant changes quickly. This is when the hormone called estrogen decreases in your body, and you may start feeling vaginal deterioration and even experience vaginal dryness as your vaginal mucosa starts becoming dehydrated. And this feeling is the primary cause in a lot of women to get a vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening procedure performed on them.

The canal of a vagina consists of a large elastic muscle, connecting to a uterus. This anatomy assists all women in the event of childbirth. However, just like our other body muscles, the vaginal muscles also lose their elasticity over time. It is a natural process, which is bound to happen to every woman, however, the level of elasticity lost varies from person to person as each body is unique.

You may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious to engage in sexual activities at this point. Well, make all your worries go away. A non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation can help solve all these problems. Think of this treatment like a facelift but for your vagina, which will boost your overall confidence.

The laser vaginal tightening device looks like a cylindrical rod, and it is a few centimetres in diameter. At the clinic, your doctor will use a speculum and open the walls of your vagina very gently. This process is actually quite similar to a normal gynaecological check-up. After this, the doctor uses the laser to meet your aesthetic or medical goals, and improve the anatomy of your vagina. The treatment is not only non-invasive but also very smooth and almost painless. You will be feeling just a little bit of warmth from the laser light, but otherwise, you will mostly be relaxed throughout the whole treatment.

Before you decide to get a vaginoplasty, our experts here at Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors will run a thorough diagnosis of your health and give you advice about this procedure. We will get a good understanding of your cosmetic goals and will guide you towards realistic goals from this treatment. Contact us today for your cosmetic problems.

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