Advantages of Kybella Treatments

An oversized chin is a common cosmetic problem and one that nobody ever wants. If you were wondering if you could address your double chin without the need for liposuction or other chin surgery, you are in luck thanks to the fantastic treatment for double chins, Kybella. The chin is a frequently overlooked area that can often make a massive difference to your overall look when it’s sculpted to perfection. The chin is often merely one of those areas that just doesn’t respond well to anything you try to do, which is one of the many reasons Kybella is a treatment that interest is booming in these days.

It’s Non-Invasive

Unlike many options for chin shaping, such as the classic chin liposuction, Kybella is low intensity in a lot of ways. There is no cutting, no stitches to worry about, and far fewer risks compared to a surgical procedure. If you were put off from having chin surgery due to these kinds of concerns, double chin injections might be the perfect alternative to chin surgery for you. Due to the relatively straight forward injectable nature of this treatment, the risk of scarring compared to surgery is significantly lower for obvious reasons, and when it’s your face any chance of less scarring is always a bonus worth considering.


Minimal Downtime and Recovery

The biggest issue with chin surgery is the downtime and recovery that is typically associated with having it done. When it comes to chin injections, you can minimise the cost of chin enhancement by shying away from surgery. After liposuction, you will need to spend a good chunk of your time being extremely careful and resting; however, with Kybella, you can be back into your regular routine virtually straight away. A little rest after the day after treatment is recommended usually. Still, it’s nothing too significant that will typically interfere with the average routine, especially compared to the two weeks of recovery commonly after double chin removal is associated with a neck lift.

Long Term Results

Kybella doesn’t just temporarily cause a change to fat cells; it permanently destroys their ability to store fat. This effect that Kybella has on fat cells results in long-lasting results. Once you acheive the reduction in chin size you’ve been looking for then often this area won’t need to be addressed down the line, something that can be extremely enticing if you’ve dealt with double chin frustration for a long time already.

Minimal Risk of Adverse Reactions

As the main active ingredient of Kybella is deoxycholic acid which is found already in the body, there is a minimal change of having an allergic response to it. This molecule is used in the body to help break down and process fats in the food you eat, which is why it’s so effective at breaking down that stubborn fat in your chin.

Tolerable Side Effects

While there is always a risk of more severe side effects, the most common side effects experienced with Kybella injections are a feeling of warm and swelling. Some swelling is actually to be expected as this is, in fact, a sign the treatment is working as anticipated. There are other risks such as infection that can be reduced by being careful to ensure you have your double chin injections at a high-quality clinic like Skin Club in Melbourne, where hygiene is a top priority, and skilled cosmetic doctors perform your treatments. Be sure you are fully informed about the full range of risks involved, and any that may be increased in your situation due to medications you take or other health issues you face by listening carefully to your practitioner during your consultation.

It’s Fast

There’s very little complexity for you when you are on the receiving end of a Kybella treatment, you just sit back, and it’s over minutes. The average treatment takes around half an hour, making Kybella cost in regards to your time extremely low. While you will often require 2-3 sessions depending on how much fat you are holding in your chin, these are easy to organise around no matter how busy you are. Don’t let a double chin ruin your aesthetic when you have swift and minimally invasive treatment options at your disposal and get back to spending more time styling instead of trying to hide your double chin under makeup that never entirely does the job.

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