Advantages of Choosing Lip Fillers in Melbourne Over Surgical Lip Enhancement


There’s a lot of reasons people are opting more and more for non-surgical cosmetic procedures like lip fillers, which has led to them growing rapidly in popularity. You may be considering surgical assistance and assuming that temporary solutions aren’t worth your time, but if you’re thinking that you’d likely be surprised with what can be acheived without having to pick up a scalpel at all. If you are on a tight schedule or simply don’t like the idea of surgery, lip fillers are likely a brilliant option for you to consider.

Stop Waiting on Long Recovery Periods

One of the big concerns people have when considering surgical alternatives is the downtime that often results while you recover. Thanks to lip fillers being non-surgical and non-invasive they have a very small impact in this regard, you can essentially go straight back to your normal routine immediately after your treatment has been performed. Little things like keeping your injection sites clean, avoiding makeup on the treatment area for a short period after treatment, and keeping your freshly filled lips out of excessive weather conditions for a day or so is often all that is required for most people.

Enjoy Your Results Right Away

One of the really impressive things about lip fillers is you can get the benefits of the treatment really quickly, immediately after your filler application is completed you will be able to see changes right away. While these will settle in and look even better in a couple of days, it’s great not to have to receive multiple treatments before seeing results. There’s no waiting for the treatment to work, in the case of lip fillers they are applied without any major secondary mechanism of action that you have to wait on to get results as you can with some other cosmetic procedures. Any mild bruising or swelling that can sometimes occur will typically dissipate quite quickly, this is usually only a minor inconvenience and generally nothing major, especially if the injector is experienced at performing lip filler treatments.

Non-Surgical with Long Lasting Results

Many people are quick to assume that just because something is non-surgical that the results are short-lived, to the contrary here, lip fillers can last quite a long time considering how quickly and hassle-free they can be applied. Depending on the type of product used, and how quickly you metabolise then absorb the filler (this varies between people) your results from lip injections last as long as eighteen months, shorter-lasting products tend to be around six months. There are situations where a shorter lasting product may be desirable such as when you’d like to try out a new look without a long term commitment, but even if that’s the case one of the common types of filler used these days is rapidly dissolvable using an enzyme injectable that can solve this issue, if it turns out your results aren’t quite the fit you thought they might be.

Subtle or More Dramatic the Choice is Yours

Lip fillers are extremely versatile in what they can acheive, everything from a natural-looking subtle enhancement, rejuvenation of some thinning lips that are the by-product of ageing, and even when you are looking for that more dramatic pout that really stands out, this is all very achievable using lip fillers. Quite often unless you tell people they will not be able to pick exactly what has changed about your look, just that something looks different, great if you are shy about having “work done” as many people are, not that you should be. The more extreme pout you regularly see across social media these days has often been acheived with lip fillers, so if this is something you are looking for it’s achievable too, showing how versatile lip fillers have the ability to be catering to both extremes, and everyone in the middle as well.


High-quality lip fillers excel when it comes to achieving a natural look, but it’s key to ensure when you are looking for a picture-perfect result you seek out a clinic with experienced Cosmetic Doctors like Skin Club in Melbourne. Owned and operated by Cosmetic Doctors for the best lip fillers in Melbourne, you can’t go past Skin Club for their exquisite service and highest quality lip fillers.

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