Often when people are thinking of hair loss, the first thing that can come to mind is a balding older man, this is very much a stereotype as women very frequently struggle with hair loss as well. Some common times in a woman’s life that she is the most vulnerable is hair loss during pregnancy, and hair loss caused by menopause. Hair loss doesn’t discriminate by gender, age, or ethnicity; everyone can face hair loss at some point for a wide range of reasons. So if you are looking for options to assist with hair restoration for women, you are far from alone.

Causes of Women’s Hair Loss

As is the case for men as well there are a lot of overlapping causes, such as genetics, underlying medical conditions, medication side effects, but there are some more that are typically more associated with women. There are two really significant causes of hair loss for women, pregnancy and menopause. Menopause causes a lot of havoc in the body as a woman goes through that phase of her life; the same goes for pregnancy. Hormonal changes in both these periods of life put you at prime risk for hair loss.

 Another common way hair loss is caused (although not exclusively in women) is self-inflicted through disruptive styling choices. Sometimes it can be the style itself; even a ponytail can increase hair fall by putting pressure on the roots as well as breakage from the band. Other times it can be the choice of tools used in your styling regiment, especially those that use heat such as a straightener or curling wand or iron. Chemical dyes and hair treatments are another thing that can damage hair and lead to increased breakage. These methods of styling are unlikely to cause extreme hair loss but are something to look at if you are finding you are experiencing an increase in hair fall, but not something that seems severe enough to be too concerning.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for Hair Loss in Women

A modern approach to hair loss treatment in women is PRP injections. This injectable treatment has been showing a lot of promise for various use cases, including hair loss. It also comes from a quite interesting source; the main ingredient is a segment sourced from a sample taken of your blood. While the sample taken for processing is tiny, the portion that is separated is exceptionally high in platelets, which contain a variety of growth factors that are fantastic for healing and stimulating tissue growth and rejuvenation. When a part of your body is damaged, blood cells damaged during the event produce a signal in the body that causes the platelets to respond and help clot the area and form an important part of the healing and recovery process. PRP treatment for hair loss is applied via a series of tiny injections across the desired areas of the scalp.

Cover All Your Bases

There are a few things you can try and do to reduce any hair loss you may be causing yourself. The first thing you should always look to is your diet and ensuring you are getting a reasonably well-balanced diet and eating enough as well. The other, as previously mentioned, is trying to make sure you aren’t making the problem worse through any form of aggressive styling. Another is to maintain a good regiment of hair care, ensure you wash your hair regularly, but ideally with a gentle shampoo as some can cause your hair to become quite dry. Using a separate shampoo and conditioner is often helpful as two in one types can often result in a less than optimal result.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women in Melbourne

At Skin Club in Melbourne, they see a wide variety of patients, of all ages and genders, and assist them with their hair loss concerns. Their experienced Cosmetic Doctors will assess your scalp and the condition of your hair, as well as other medical information to help provide the best treatment options for your specific needs. They offer a variety of treatments for their hair loss patients depending on what is suitable for their particular needs from medications to PRP injections. Book a consultation today free of obligations to get started with treating your hair loss.

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