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Advanced Liposculpture

Our Melbourne clinic specialises and has expertise in the field of liposculpture. Many Liposculpture procedures are performed every year by our world renowned surgeons.

We are proud to provide patients with expertly performed Liposculture here in our Melbourne clinic. Liposculpture is our specialty, meaning we can provide our patients with the highest quality service. Our patient satisfaction is at very high levels, which is a true reflection of the quality service that we provide. Our number one concern is patient welfare and safety. Our exemplary safety record is a true reflection of this. Our Melbourne liposculpture clinics has been specially designed and purposefully built for performing high quality liposculpture procedures for our patients.

We make use of the most advanced forms of Liposculture technology that is currently available to ensure that our patients receive the most aesthetically pleasing results possible.

A fully trained Surgeon will always perform your consultation as well as your procedure. Your progress following your procedure will also be monitored by this same surgeon. This ensures complete continuity of care.

No unregulated or unqualified patient advisor or coordinator will ever perform any of your aftercare or your consultation.

We provide all our patients with our comprehensive aftercare guarantee across all of our liposculpture clinics. The treating surgeon will provide the patient with comprehensive follow-up. Following their procedure, patients can consult with their surgeons as many times as needed. This goes above and beyond the standard consultation regime for liposculpture procedures. It provides our patients will complete peace of mind, knowing that they have full access to a comprehensive and complete package of care.

In terms of your treatment outcome, which single factor is the most important and has the greatest impact?

According to the most recent research evidence, quality of medical decision-making for your care is what has the greatest impact on your final treatment outcome. Ranging from patient happiness to patient dissatisfaction, it all comes down to one basic decision – deciding whether or not to have a liposuction procedure performed.

The most recent international guidelines are followed by our Melbourne clinic in this critical area of ensuring that patient outcomes are optimised.

The body areas that may be treated using Liposculpture differ for women versus men. For women, the areas that are most frequently treated are the buttocks, arms, knees, inner thighs, outer thighs, hips and abdomen. For men, who are approximately 15% to 20% of all liposculpture patients, the areas that are most commonly treated are the breasts, flanks (“love handles”) and abdomen. During your consultation, you may specify the areas you want to have treated. A treatment plan will then be devised by your surgeon to create the result that is most aesthetically pleasing for you.

Tumescent Liposcution Procedure

Advanced liposculpture offers powerful 3-dimensional body contouring. Our surgeons employ a technique that utilizes large quantities of a very diluted local anaesthesia that gets injected in the fat and causes the areas being targeted to become tumescent, or in other words, firm and swollen. It is widely regarded that tumescent anaesthesia is the safest kind of anaesthesia to be used for liposculpture. It also persists for several hours, so that prescription pain medications are not needed following the procedure. Locally anaesthesia makes it possible to accomplish liposculpture completely painlessly. During the procedure the patient stays awake and can freely communicate. The most recent liposculputre are employed by our Melbourne clinic to ensure that the removal of fat deposits are conducted in the most effective and safest manner possible.

Advanced Liposculpture – our revolutionary technique allows you to walk into our Melbourne clinic and walk out on the very same day.

Liposculpture is an advanced type of liposuction. It is slightly different compared to conventional liposuction and used especially in precision body contouring processes, which remove and sometimes reshape fat in order to enhance the definition and prominence of muscles as well as specific problematic body areas, such as the thighs, hips and abdomen.

Liposculpture encompasses fat sculpting, fat removal and sometimes fat transfer as well.

Liposculpture procedures are performed with local anaesthetic, which means that a majority of bleeding and swelling that were associated with previous forms of liposuction can be avoided. Usually an anaesthetic solution gets injected into the area of the body that is being treated in order to constrict the blood vessels and arteries to minimize potential swelling and bleeding. Advanced liposculpture mainly differs from liposculpture based on the fact that our surgeons utilize their artistic skills in order to sculpture the areas of the body that are causing concerns rather than merely focusing on the physical removal of fat deposits. Greater quantities of fats can be removed by advanced liposculpture compared to liposuction when necessary. However, the concern is more focused specifically on body sculpting and the subtle reshaping of specific parts of the body. It is commonly used on the upper arms, back, upper thighs and abdomen.

We use the technique that is based on a NUTATION movement, which makes it possible to remove fatty tissues while other tissues are still respected. That shortens the postoperative course and allows the patient to be much more comfortable. For both the surgeon and patient, 3D advanced liposculpture is a real evolution. Over the past 10 years, the technology has emerged as liposculpture’s reference technique.

Numerous academic studies have been conducted all around the world (Asia, Brazil, USA, Europe) without it being contradicted. Thousands of patients all over the world have been convinced by this technique.

Advantages of Liposculpture

Ability to treat all body zones, including the most delicate ones
Shorter postoperative recovery
Better skin retraction
Less swelling
Less bruising

Our Melbourne clinic are pioneers in the use of 3D Advanced Liposculpture. We use advanced liposculpture for 3-dimensional body contouring, which is distinguished from liposuction. It isn’t merely about fat removal, but rather about reshaping the body through the removal (and at times the addition of) the correct amounts of fat in all of the right places.

When it comes to liposuction, the surgeon merely suctions out the fat without any real 3 dimensional contouring being done over the complete body silhouette. When the overall 3D shape is considered, that is true body sculpting. That means that artistic lipoaspiration needs to be performed by your surgeon while at the same time refining your body contours and retaining the female silhouette without masculinising it.

There are 3 major reasons why the most effective procedure is advanced liposculpture.

– Less Painful

Your brain’s pain receptors are interfered with by infrasonic vibration. This either blocks pain entirely or suppresses it. It provides more of a tickling sensation.

– Faster Recovery

Fat is removed using a unique cannula “triple movement” without trauma being caused to the other parts of your body. Your life can return to normal within days instead of weeks.

– Local Anaesthesia Is Used

Local anaesthesia is safer than general anaesthesia. You are awake for your procedure, which means you can main complete control over your body and speak with your surgeon.

Uses The Effective Yet Gentle Power Of Rotation And Vibration

Rotation and vibration are combined to most effectively break up fat.

Less Swelling And Less Bruising

A special cannula is used for removing body fat gently. It doesn’t cut or burn. Whenever any non-fatty tissue is touched, it stops. This helps to improve fat removal and reduce trauma.

Even Skin Toning And Tightening

The non-fatty tissue and fibrous network underneath the skin are preserved as improved removal of fat offers flat smooth skin and excellent skin retraction.

Treat Any Body Zone

Stubborn body fat is removed from one or several areas of the body simultaneously, including delicate or difficult areas where special care is required.

Precise Body Contouring

In acheive the desired body shape and size, the body is precisely sculpted, while effectively removing all kinds of fat, including fibrous fat.

Body areas that advanced liposculpture can treat:

– Ankles and calves
– Knees
– Inner thighs
– Outer thighs
– Buttocks
– Flanks
– Abdomen
– Back
– Upper arms
– Jowls and Neck

In order to ensure smooth results, how are existing scars dealt with?

There are frequently puckered scars in the abdominal area, such as caesarean scars or following appendix removal. Those scars make aspiration harder. The effect is from increased post traumatic collagen formation. It begins directly underneath the dermis and extends, depending on how deep the scarring is, into the muscle fascias and subcutaneous tissue.

With subcision, following the administering of tumescent anaesthesia and prior to liposculpture beginning, a suture scalpel or 14-gauge cannula is passed underneath the scarring area in order to sever connective tissue strands that are scarred at every level.

The superficial layer is given particular attention, which liposculpture should not treat. One thing that needs to be kept in mind, particularly if there is older or extensive scarring, is that larger blood vessels might have ingrown. Therefore, they need to be treated carefully.

In cases of quite extensive cellulitic skin puckering, subcision has proven to be quite successful. This technique was largely developed by Doris Hexsel, a Brazilian doctor. The surface topography here is affected significantly by how connective tissue fibres are arrange, which means that severing them contributes to a visual improvement.

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