Most of us struggle with acne in their teenage years. You have just started your puberty. You are full of expectations. You can’t wait to see your body getting more and more mature. If you are a boy, you expect your facial hair to start growing any time now. If you are a girl, you hope that your feminine features will become more and more prominent. And then, when you are full of hope, reality brings you down to earth. With acne.

However, having a face full of spots is not the worst thing about acne. The pimples will go away one day and can be treated. The real danger are the scars which will stay with you for a long time after that. If you are one of those people who could not have stopped themselves from popping and scratching your acne, you might want to read this article, and maybe it will help you find a way of removing those ugly scars.

Identifying acne scars

Before you even start searching for acne scars treatment methods, make sure you really have acne scars. Some skin irregularities, such as dark patches or some marks, are not always a sign of acne scars. Some of those could have been left by one disease or other. The most common cause for such skin problems is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, PIH for short. It looks quite similar to acne scars, but fade on their own and should not be treated as acne scars.

So how do you identify true acne scars? The easiest way you can differentiate an acne scar from other scarring is by texture. Those scars not only differ in colour from regular skin but also have irregular texture. They often create creases and holes in your skin, which are below the regular skin level, while most other scars are instead bumpy. However, it is always best to consult a dermatologist, who will be able to tell for sure. He will surely even give you some tips on how to treat it!

But what causes acne?

While not all of acne scars come from trying to squeeze out a pimple, most of them definitely do. You see, acne cysts are not like your regular whiteheads or blackheads. You can’t pop a cyst as easily, and you should definitely never try. You can never know for sure if a cyst will leave a scar or not when left alone, but you have a much better chance of staying safe if you do not touch it!

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There are also some other factors you have to keep in mind. For example, your skin tone might play a role in it. If you have a darker skin tone, you will be more prone to scarring after acne. Moreover, there is always the question of how deep the cyst is. The deeper it is, the higher the chance it will leave a scar.

Getting rid of acne scars

Now is the part of the article you have all been eagerly waiting for – how to get rid of those scars. The best way to fight acne scars is to prevent them, of course. There are a bunch of lotions and creams which have antibacterial properties, calming the inflammation of the skin and helping to kill the cysts before they develop. There are also more invasive procedures, such as taking retinoid, but always consult with a dermatologist before you go with such a treatment.

But what to do when it is already too late, and you already have acne scars? Do not panic, there are still ways to remove them! For an easy solution which you can do right away, search your local pharmacy for peels and masks with salicylic acid and other similar active ingredients. These will not remove the scars themselves, but will effectively hide them and reduce their visibility.

If you want to get rid of them completely, you might have to see a dermatologist and book a laser treatment. The laser will surely remove the scar tissue, but it will take a couple of treatments, and they are definitely not cheap. There is also microneedling if you prefer that to lasers (and it’s cheaper!).

There are always other ways of hiding away those cars, such as facial fillers. They stretch out the scar tissue, making them stand out way less. For more information about facial fillers, make sure to read our other articles.

If you need professional help with acne scars, or would like assisstance with any other cosmetic procedure, contact us!

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