If you’ve been daydreaming about getting thread lifts for a while, you likely have a lot of questions and perhaps even things you are unsure about stopping you from looking more deeply into your options. Thread lifts are an excellent choice for many people looking for a lift that is far less invasive than a surgical facelift. Thread lifts are a modern procedure that is quite impressive in the results it’s able to provide.

They Are Fast to Have Done

The typical thread lift treatment only takes around half an hour to perform. This is quite a time saver when you take into account a facelift can take 3-4 hours and sometimes more depending on what you are having done. If you are wanting a quick, efficient treatment option for getting that lift you’ve been after, a thread lift might be an excellent option for you to consider.

You Don’t Have to Deal With Excessive Downtime

After a facelift often you have at least two weeks of recovery before resuming much of your regular routine, and four weeks before you have usually mostly bounced back. When it comes to having a thread lift, preparing for your recovery isn’t something you typically have to put much planning into. Depending on your type of lifestyle and provided it doesn’t involve a lot of strenuous activity, it’s very likely you can leave your treatment and mostly go back into your routine pretty well the same day. There are some minor considerations to make, things like avoiding sleeping on your face for a little while, but compared to the downtime of a facelift, this is a stark contrast.

They Provide Immediate Results

Thread lifts are one of those fantastic treatments that provide visible results immediately after the procedure. While some of it can be masked by some swelling and your results will improve as your threads settle in, the effects of the treatment will be immediately noticeable after the procedure has been completed. This swift response to the treatment is one of the great things about thread lifts; they straightforwardly tackle the problem providing results to match. As collagen forms in the areas around the threads in response to their presence, you will likely notice some further positive changes as well in the coming weeks.

You Won’t Feel Much During The Treatment

Thanks to this treatment being performed under local anaesthetic, the areas that are going to have threads inserted are all numbed before the process is started. Once the numbing has kicked in, you are unlikely to feel much of anything. Often many people even find the numbing itself the worst part of the treatment process. If you are worried about the pain speak to your practitioner, or better yet if you’ve had a friend that has had a thread lift before and ask what they thought of it in regards to pain, the answer will likely surprise you.

They Can Last A Long Time

While they may only take around half an hour to have performed by a skilled practitioner, they may not be permanent, but they do last. Around 1-2 years of results can be expected. Better yet though, thanks to the increase in collagen produced by the body, some benefits remain even after the body has fully absorbed the threads. If you are worried about this treatment being semi-permanent, it’s worth considering what half an hour a year really means for your schedule. Just about anyone has time for thread lifts, especially compared to surgical treatments that may last a long time but they have a lot of factors to weigh up, especially regarding the downtime associated with a facelift recovery.

The Best Place in Melbourne for Thread Lifts

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