The taboo of cosmetic treatments has been lifted these days. In 2018, Australia had an explosive growth of cosmetic procedures performed than America. As we prepare for 2020, Dr. Vihang Sharma weighed in his opinions on what will be the most popular nonsurgical treatments. 

  1. Lip Flip

Aside from treating the vertical lines around the lips, it will also flip out the lips to show more of the red vermilion. It may also improve gummy smiles. 

2. Jawline and Chin Enhancement 

In the past, cosmetic surgery is required to acheive definition of the jawline and chin. Nowadays, dermal fillers can tweak the lower part of the face. 

3. Micro Needling

Microneedling is a pain free treatment that works by a  natural form of collagen induction. The microneedles punctures the skin to trigger the body to heal and boost collagen It is also best used for acne scarring treatment. 

4. Chemical Skin Peels

At Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors, we offer acne scarring treatments and chemical skin peels being one of them. It will be a popular cosmetic trend in 2020 as our obsession to have flawless skin grows. 

5. Lip fillers focused on shape than volume 

For 2020, lip fillers will be focused on bringing the lips into perfection. Instead of adding volume, women will be obsessed with defined cupid bows. 

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