Jaw augmentation has a long and storied history in cosmetic dentistry, with its roots going back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Today, it is most commonly used to treat the under-minimal jaw and to remove the appearance of a receding chin. Unfortunately, many people do not know about this history and focus more on just the basic treatment idea. While not a bad thing, it also means they are missing out on a lot of great information. That is why today I want to take some time and explain the different facts that you might not know about this treatment.

11 Facts About Jaw Augmentation

1, Its Long history

When we think of plastic surgery, we usually only consider the time around modern history. However, the truth is that plastic surgery has been around for centuries, even millennia. Some of the earliest plastic surgery was done in Egypt. Their doctors had the idea of repairing deformities around your face. Of course, back then the technology was limited and would not look anything like it does now. However, the concepts were there.

However, if you are looking at the first true jaw implant, you then have to look at more recent times. The first artificial jaw was created in the year 1884? It was made of steel, was operated by hand, and was used to help patients who suffered from a botched surgery. While this device was not as popular as we would like it to be, the silicon-based jaw implants that we use today came about in the 1980s, and continue to be a hit worldwide.

2, Working With Other Treatments

When it comes to Melbourne Chin Augmentation, the goal people have is to improve the look of their faces. In this face, it gives their chin a stronger and more chiseled appearance. This makes for a strong base around your chin. However, in more than a few cases the chin isn’t the only place that needs work on your face. People will always find issues with something in their face and that is why people also pair chin augmentations with other treatments. In particular, they like to get nose jobs with it as well. While the chin is the base of your features, the nose is the center. Having those two looking good can make a huge difference.

3, Hospital Stays

Normally, when you get a chin augmentation you can go home right after the surgery. This is because this treatment operates on an outpatient basis, meaning that doctors do not usually keep patients overnight. The only exception to this is when there are some signs of complications that require additional tests and observation. While not common, these are not unheard of either. In this case, it can require you to stay for several nights.

4, It is a Treatment for Both Genders

When we mention cosmetic treatments, most people tend to think of them as something mainly for women. However, in the case of jaw augmentation Melbourne, seems to be the exception. This is because you often see both men and women who get this treatment. For men, it is because many prefer to strengthen their jaw to give them a more rugged appearance. This is especially true for those who have a weak-looking chin. For women, many of these same reasons apply as well as to give their chin more structure. This can better highlight some features and give them a smoother appearance.

5, Celebrities are Getting It

You probably associate plastic surgery like this most with celebrities. It makes sense too as they are the ones most in need of maintaining their appearances whether for movies or magazine shoots. Well, chin augmentation is no stranger to this either. These days more and more famous people are getting it. Some great examples of this are performers like Jeniffer Lopez, Hallie Berry, and Keira Knightly. Of course, it is not limited to just women as more than a few guys are getting it too. Examples of this include Ashton Cutcher, Clay Aikin, and even Kenny Rogers. More than just getting the treatments, many of them are also quite proud and pleased with the looks.

6, There are Non-Surgical Options

Yes, not all chin treatments require surgery to do. With more advancements in technology, there are methods to give results without incisions. the most common of these are chin fillers. These are cosmetic injectables that make use of hyaluronic acid that improves collagen and elastin production. For those of you that don’t know, these are the proteins responsible for skin tightness and strength. This means that it can help improve the volume and strength of your chin.

7, Results are Long-Lasting

Once you get your treatment, you can be sure that you will be enjoying it for a very long time. This is one reason why chin implants are often worth their money. Outside of adjustments or complications, you will not have to deal with any serious follow-up treatments. This means that even a decade later you can still find your chin looking good from this. However, if you do feel certain that you want to make some adjustments, you still can as well.

8, You can Have Custom Implants

The purpose of this treatment is not to make you. jaw look as big as possible, but to augment it. this means you may only need some subtle changes to enhance its natural appearance. To help you acheive that, some doctors can offer to create custom implants for you. These are implants made specifically to the size and shape specifications you give. These make it easier to fit into your face and acheive the look you want. Of course, doing so can cost extra for the extra labor though.

9, Implants are Made from Different Materials

We often think that the main material of these implants is silicone, but that is just one of many materials. These include Polyethylene, bone, and even cartilage. These offer different benefits and shapes for your treatment. With natural materials, you have a lower chance of risks developing, but it can be harder to control the results. With Polyethylene, you can improve the shape and better control it, though at the cost of also leaving it vulnerable to get knocked out of place.

10,  You Can Lower the Risks

With any treatment, there are always going to be risks and side effects. You can end up experiencing things like bleeding, infection, or displacement. However, while they can seem scary and out of your control, you can help reduce the risks in some way. One of the most obvious is being vigilant during recovery. Always make sure you are keeping track of any changes in sensation and report them right away. Meanwhile, you can also avoid things that can potentially cause issues like physical activity. Most importantly, you should remember to choose a good doctor. There are some doctors that specialize in this treatment specifically and know all its ins and outs. Meanwhile, others only have limited experience and may not know all the nuance.

11, Treatment is Getting More Popular

In recent years, more and more people are getting into this treatment including both celebrities and regular people. In some places, the number of people looking to try chin augmentation is growing by leaps and bounds. Because of that, many clinics and doctors are also looking to treat more patients as well. This means you have many more options when getting this treatment. At the same time, it means that costs and treatment quality can vary considerably as well. This means you have to be careful on which treatment you go for.

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