10 Things You Are Going To Wish You Knew Before Getting Lip Fillers In Melbourne

In the last few years, we’ve seen all kinds of people from Instagram models, Youtubers and actresses getting their lips filled to create more dramatic and youthful pouts. Rushing to join in on a popular beauty trend can be very tempting in Melbourne. Lip fillers are very much still on-trend, and now the trend has matured a little the average style of augmentation is shifting to a more natural look and the over the top, or excessive look is far less commonly sought out. As with any good thing, things can always be taken to an extreme and result in a bad experience due to being unprepared in your planning or prior consultation about a procedure you are considering. To be best prepared and have the best chance of receiving the look you envision, here are ten key points to consider to have you well prepared and more likely to reach those personal beauty goals.


  1. Choose a qualified and experienced cosmetic doctor

This may seem like obvious advice after reading it, but it is so frequently overlooked when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic treatments as people tend to consider them less dangerous and therefore choose the cheapest or closest option. While minimally invasive none the less non-surgical procedures may carry fewer health risks, there’s nothing entirely foolproof about their application. Just if you are planning a breast augmentation, you’d very likely be picky about who did the work, while these procedures carry minimal risks when done correctly you’re having your most visible asset worked on here your face. Research your doctor to be sure they have more than adequate experience, qualifications, and training to do the best job. Evenly sculpting and expertly augmenting lips requires not just artistic technique developed over time with experience and training but quality medical knowledge to implement for the best possible outcomes. We’ve all seen cosmetic work gone wrong in the media and although some people seek out this intense attention-grabbing look, quite often it is the result of a poor job due to lack of experience or qualification of the person doing the work. Poorly carried out HA injections can not only be dangerous in the wrong hands but also result in a terrible look or even potentially carry other risks due to poor hygiene practices in the clinic or by the injector.


  1. Be appropriately prepared before seeking a lip filler treatment in Melbourne

You’ll be asked to avoid supplements and medications if possible that risk an increase in bleeding and bruising. Most people aren’t even aware their Ginseng Smoothies or Vitamin E supplements can cause unwanted issues during injections. A week before your procedure you should avoid Paracetamol, Aspirin or other blood thinning medications as long as your primary physician feels it safe for you to discontinue them temporarily. Supplements that are to be avoided include Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, Fish Oils, Ginseng, and St Johns Wort. It’s also best to avoid excessive alcohol consumption the day before. A small amount of alcohol is unlikely to have much effect but excessive drinking in the days before the procedure, you could find you have some excessive bruising or swelling. Typically this can take 10-14 days to resolve which could be pretty frustrating and an inconvenience to try and cover with makeup. Doing everything within reason you can to avoid bruises will result in the best experience for you after a procedure in this regard.


  1. Don’t take it too far

Cosmetic treatments can be expensive depending on the work you want and the amount of it, which can cause many people to want to get as much value as possible. The issue with overdoing facial procedures is that more is not always the better and can produce regretful outcomes and disappointment. You can still do more later, so take your time and on your first visit work on subtle improvements to ensure you like the look acheived and consider if you are comfortable or desire to do more after. Part of being an excellent cosmetic doctor is wanting your clients to look their best, encouraging you to do too much ends in bad clinic reviews and resentment and a lack of repeat business for temporary procedures which benefits neither patient nor practitioner. So if they are suggesting that you’ve hit the target you gave them, try and take their guidance seriously.


  1. Consider the look you really want


Occasionally people don’t put enough consideration into the type of changes or enhancements they are seeking out. Instead, think of a procedure as a one-size-fits-all fix where the desired outcome will come from just doing as much as possible this may be the personal goal for some, but for many balancing, asymmetry, smoothing out nagging fine lines, improved proportions and well defined clean borders of the lips is a could be their perfect target beauty goals. Carefully considering what you want before you even schedule a consultation will get your consultation off to the best start but also lets your practitioner know precisely what you are looking to acheive. You could even bring examples of looks you would like to move more towards but ideally have those example pictures match your facial structure and other traits as tightly as you can. When someones natural lip shape is entirely different from yours to begin with then making such comparisons may be counterproductive and not be too helpful to get across clearly what you want.


  1. Listen closely to the risks you are warned about during your consultation


Though issues occurring after lip injections when carried out professionally and correctly are rare, you need to understand the possibilities of any potential risks. These can include bleeding or bruising in the area, cold sores, and very rare allergic reactions. It’s good to know about the option to use hyaluronidase which can be used to dissolve HA immediately and all professional injectors will have this on hand if it ends up being needed or desired. Watch that your cosmetic doctor uses a sealed and clearly brand new syringe in clear view and observe your treatment area to make sure it looks clean and professionally managed.


  1. Consider your options thoroughly especially the type of filler


These days there are so many options for lip filler products it may feel a little overwhelming. The best part about this variety though is there is a product out there to suit just about every person and their requirements. Formulations of HA are the most commonly used and safer choice used by many professionals. Products are available in all manner of consistencies and will give different effects. They generally last between 6-24 months depending on the type and how fast the patient metabolizes the HA. Your injector should have already thoroughly talked to you about your goals before starting the procedure so you will have a chance to discuss the product that will best suit you.


  1. The procedure is probably quicker and more comfortable than you expect


The initial appointment and consultation will often take less than an hour. Depending on how much product you end up deciding to use your treatment could be finished in as little as 30 minutes. Unlike many cosmetic procedures, the results from dermal fillers can be seen instantly and while mild swelling is to be expected it generally will only last 24-48 hours. So while it’s instant in its effect your more finished results will be more apparent after this subsides. It may feel firm for a few days in certain areas, and your injector may advise you to massage these areas softy though this should resolve and soften without significant issue. One of the reasons this procedure is so appealing to people is there’s no need to take time off work or have any real downtime as procedure time is short and recovery generally just a minor inconvenience at worst.


  1. You may want to avoid numbing creams beforehand


Lips are sensitive, and that first prick can still sting a little however most doctors will offer you a numbing agent to desensitize the area being worked on, this makes the needle insertion essentially painless. Though a downside of this option can be excess swelling that can last for a couple of hours for some people. The tissue that is affected may appear puffier meaning waiting longer to get a good view of the changes to the appearance of your lips. HA injections contain lidocaine typically to dull sensation as well which takes effect after the first injection. Ideally, if you can tolerate the procedure without topical numbing creams then this may be a preferable choice to you depending on how pain tolerant you are.


  1. Beware the discount deals and proceed with caution if you don’t


Most clinics will offer promotional deals on various treatments and procedures throughout the year. In some cases, though there are a few things that can be of concern and can be a red flag of a lower quality clinic or practitioner. Sometimes a spa that does not have adequately trained medical staff or adhere to high safety standards may offer extremely cheap fillers, nothing about this is likely to result in a satisfying outcome. It’s not uncommon to have $100-150 deducted from the price of a syringe, but usually you should expect to pay between 600-1200 per 1ml, so if you come by deals offering fillers treatments at far below this at scarily cheap prices you should ask some very critical questions of not only the product but the quality of the clinic and injector. As with most things, if a deal looks too good to be true it probably is. Quality HA fillers aren’t cheap while there are many things that extreme savings can be great hugely discounted injectables usually aren’t one of them.


  1. Lip fillers aren’t permanent


For Some people, that’s the biggest reason they choose it over other procedures and for others it can be negative. Lots of people like the option of fuller lips without permanent commitment, especially if they decide they didn’t acheive quite what they wanted the first time it can be refined later, decide it’s not for them and let it taper off. If the results turn out to be something you are unhappy with you can have it dissolved to return to how it was before quicker if you don’t like the look after all. Some people consider the cost of a treatment once or twice every year and eventually decide that surgical augmentation is right for them due to infrequent costs or other reasons. Worth noting is HA tends to boost collagen production and naturally stimulates more HA and hydration to end up in the areas it’s placed so this sometimes results in the need for less product over time, this isn’t entirely predictable or reliable and can vary. Usually, maintenance of your target look often means regular trips to the clinic however if you are feeling a little nervous about your first lip enhancement the temporary nature of HA injections may be an excellent option for you. HA injections can give you fantastic results but you remain in control of them it’s a well-balanced option in this regard.

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